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Dummy Decorative Gas Gaps

Fuel, water, milk, coffee
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Friend bought new car. It is a Black and White Dodge Charger.

The gas cap is labeled "Fuel" and is not covered up.

There is room for a 2nd cap where it is mounted. And two more on the opposite side of the car.

The other three caps could be labeled for:

MEXCHANIC: H20, Oil, Trans

BABY SITTER: water, milk, coffee

POTTY MOUTH: piss, shit, come

BARBIE: Perfume, Suntan oil, Hair Spray

Occupational: like ants, roaches, Bees

There is only room for 4 to 5 letters per cap.

Why do you need to label a gas cap fuel ? Why not ?

popbottle, Feb 14 2016

google image search https://www.google....gC&biw=1002&bih=639
of charger gas cap. [popbottle, Feb 14 2016]


       mfd really a list in disguise. Now that I look at it.
popbottle, Feb 14 2016

       Well, it may be a list but at least the underlying thought process is incomprehensible.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2016

       There's always the 710 cap under the hood.
csea, Feb 15 2016

       What MB said. But with the emphasis on "list".
blissmiss, Feb 15 2016

       I was under the impression that this Idea was at least partly about putting multiple gas-cap "thingies" on the car. The only reason I can think to label them all "fuel" is to deter thieving siphoners. So, different labels make sense, and some suggestions about that is not out-of-line.
Vernon, Feb 15 2016

       Technically, the idea is about gas gaps.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 15 2016

       I stand corrected Vernon, for the following reasons:   

       I didn't get the idea
I didn't really read the idea with my full attention.
I really don't care either way.
All of the above plus it was Valentines' Day.
blissmiss, Feb 16 2016

       The four caps should say, when read in order,
lurch, Feb 16 2016

       [MaxwellBuchanan], if only one is actually capping the entry tube to the gas tank, then why should the others be called "gas caps"? Just because they LOOK like gas caps? But see those words "dummy" and "decorative" above? The first one implies they wouldn't be able to properly function as genuine gas caps, should the real one become lost....
Vernon, Feb 16 2016


       With a G   

       Not caps with a C   


ytk, Feb 16 2016

       An additional FUEL gas gap on the opposite fender would mean you could fuel up from either side of the car. Handy. And with a little creative re-routing the last two gaps could feed reservoirs near the driver, COFFEE and DONUTS (TEA and CROISSANTS for folks on the other side of the pond).
whatrock, Feb 16 2016

       [Ian Tindale], the title may have a G, but the text has "c" in it. I guess we have to wait for [popbottle] to fix one or the other, for consistency.
Vernon, Feb 16 2016


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