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Dummies Books For Dummies

Insanity beckons.
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A book in the seeming never ending "<Topic> for Dummies" series intended for those (in management, of course) who are too stupid to actually understand the copy of "<Topic> for Dummies" they have been given as briefing material, but need an explanation pitched at a somewhat lower level of intellectual capability (below earthworms, but above Geography teachers).

Thus, if they can tear themselves away from the golf course and the health club for a full minute, and apply their so-called "brain" to real technical issues by reading the "Dummies books for Dummies" book, they will take one hesitant, shuffling step towards an understanding of what their job actually means.

8th of 7, Oct 28 2013

Copyright for Dummies http://www.bonavolt.../audio/cpyright.htm
[piluso, Oct 28 2013]


       <sniffs the air> Anyone else notice the faint yet distinct aroma of a rant around this *idea*? </sta>
Canuck, Oct 28 2013

       Believe it or not, there is a copyright about books "for Dummies", see link.
piluso, Oct 28 2013

       Believe it or else, I actually own a copy of "Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks For Dummies".
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2013

       I have a rather interesting aggragetion of ' ... for Dummies' myself. I only remember buying one of them, yet there are half a dozen or so on different shelves or well down in haphazard stacks in the corners. It almost seems as if they're looking at me...like a pack of hyenas cautiously closing in on a wounded hippopotamus...   

       Where the hell did they all come fro
Alterother, Oct 28 2013

       And [piluso], despite what the title of that page says, it is not a copyright issue. A trademark is an entirely different form of protection, specifically the use of a given symbol (name, logo, phrase) to market items in a particular field.   

       Let me put it this way. If you trademarked Piluso's hot dogs, the trademark would not prevent some other Piluso from opening Piluso's Books, but probably would prevent Piluso's Burgers, since it would be to easy for a person to think they were buying from you instead, since it's a related business.   

       IDGB, which owns the trademark, has a legitimate interest in being certain that people know what they are getting when they purchase a "for dummies" book, and a legitimate interest in making sure that other people don't piggyback on their reputation and marketing dollars.   

       (Sorry, but all the anti-IP rants out there make it a hot-button issue for me. The US IP system is a little broken, but it still largely serves it's purpose)
MechE, Oct 28 2013


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