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Electronic Mobile Textbook Device

Never worry about cumbersome textbooks again!
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If you are a college student, how many times have you had a series of classes one right after the other, requiring you to carry on your back 4 or 5 textbooks? Even if the answer is "one," that's one too many.

How about those times in class when you doze off and awake again only to find yourself completely lost?

This is where the Electronic Mobile Textbook Device saves the day. The Electronic Mobile Textbook Device (or EMTD) takes 30 pounds of books and compresses them into 12oz. of pure freedom. How does this work? Here's how:

The EMTD is a small, mobile electronic unit similar to today's PDA devices; much like a small laptop. Upon purchase of the unit, the student may register the unit with the school and automatically download his or her books from the EMTD center, charging the cost to their EMTD account.

Throw it in your backpack or carry it at your side and say "goodbye" to those heavy hardcovers!

Once the textbooks are downloaded to the device, the student may begin browsing the texts immediately. Texts are fully searchable by chapter, section, or even keyword! Next time you get lost in class, just pick up a keyword from the professor's discussion, type it in and hit "search" and you'll be in the right place in milliseconds!

Additional features include an electronic pen for circling and hightlighting, a navigation bar at the left of the screen for quick and easy chapter flipping, and PC connector (USB) for printing. Also included is a built-in microphone for recording lectures that automatically sync up with the pages being viewed at the time!

So say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome textbooks and say hello to the Electronic Mobile Textbook Device.

baunitdabaun, Aug 10 2005

May be somewhat Baked - you might want to do some research and get back to us http://ebooks.strat...k/eboni/guidelines/
Many more if you search Google for "electronic textbook." [DrCurry, Aug 10 2005]

Not too well received http://news.bbc.co...._online/4727617.stm
[coprocephalous, Aug 10 2005]


       More than a few teachers and professors have already converted their coursework to slide shows or HTML pages, for their students to browse on their laptops. But, in general, if schools and universities would buy into this, it would be a huge boon.   

       The one item you neglect is payment: I would suggest a subscription-based system.
DrCurry, Aug 10 2005

       This is correct however html and powerpoint representations of lectures do not replace the course textbook!   

       Also I believe this invention would call for a wide-scale conversion much as did the advent of DVDs.
baunitdabaun, Aug 10 2005

       //This is correct however html and powerpoint representations of lectures do not replace the course textbook//   

       In many cases they are one and the same. In anycase, I look back to my undergrad days and I now know that the most I got out of the recommended texts, with a couple of exceptions, were a) the experience of finding them in the library and b) the exercise I got from lugging them around.
Jinbish, Aug 10 2005


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