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Dungeons & Dragons Park

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From what I've heard, D&D is a pretty good game. Thing is, I don't find it appealing sitting around playing it. What about the game, theme-park style?

You pay (or use a membership card if you have one), go in, dress up as a character of choice, if you're with a group you stay with them, or if you're on your own you go with a group that's a person short. The idea is is that you wander around, and at designated points robotic animal-things will jump out at you and you'll have to fight them. But their weak parts will light up and you have to hit them at those spots as they appear. Of course, depending on how hard you hit, how fast you defeat it and the course, you'll gain experience points, giving you higher levels (which decrease if you don't turn up for a long while), better weapons etc.

There will be parts where all you have to do is climb up certain parts, press buttons in order, etc, so it'll pretty much be a real-life RPG.

froglet, Oct 01 2005

For MB's delight & delectation. Choose-Your-Own-Adv..._20Faced_20Bookmark
[DrBob, Apr 27 2010]

Fantasy Grounds - Web based, old-school D&D http://www.fantasygrounds.com/
Not tried it, but it seems like it could be a useful GM's aid & D&D interface. Possibly only on Windows. [Jinbish, Apr 27 2010]


       I like the idea. I am surprised no one has made a d&d park, especially in Vegas (a casino with that theme throughout -- go to your room or call it a Lair, and hot sleezy armor-clad bar girls). + from me
quantass, Oct 01 2005

       you could set up a LARP session at a park.
Eugene, Oct 01 2005

zen_tom, Oct 01 2005

       I think that there is not much intersection between the set of those who love D&D and the set of those who love physically strenuous sports.
bungston, Oct 02 2005

       All of the physical people, being warriors, of course, would be destroyed by the nerdy warlocks...   

       Not that I would know...
nahte123, Oct 02 2005

       I fully approve. +
sartep, Oct 02 2005

       Prepare to be smited with my plus one vorpal bun.   

       Somehow I just can't help feeling it's not coincidence that RPG also stands for rocket-propelled grenade. One seems to bring thoughts of the other...
moomintroll, Oct 02 2005

       +1 Croissant of Tastiness
Jinbish, Oct 03 2005

       Good point by [nahte] though. In the absence of properly functioning magic, wizards and the like might be a little puny.   

       Perhaps experience could be given in the form of rolls of tickets to be exchanged for things of value.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       So, what do we do with the pile of pentacostal protestors prosetylizing at the primary portal?   

       I could see this combined with a laser tag facility somehow. Perhaps laser tag wizardry fights?
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2005

       I have actually done this. About 15years ago in our local ww2 army tunnels and relics. Some mob put on a D&D night. I was part of a party who wandered with swords and the like through the dark tunnels and was confronted by people incostume as orcs etc.......
Elitefingerbun, Oct 04 2005

       Admission price
phundug, Oct 05 2005

       finally I can use this +2 dragon slaying sword
i-Mer, Oct 05 2005

       So, it's a cosplay park?   

       Sure, why not?
shapu, Oct 06 2005

       I get the impression that people who play D&D regularly are allergic to sunlight - sunglasses would have to be provided at the entrance to shield the eyes of the pasty-skinned masses, or maybe the whole thing would be indoors?
Mr Phase, Oct 06 2005

       Why did I just get the idea of a Live Action Yugi-oh fight?   

       But I digress...well, either way, the way this is shaping up, it's sounding more like a once-a-year convention than a year-round/seasonal theme park... Am I right in this assumption?
jong-scx, Oct 07 2005

       wizarding can be simulated by making a potion with just the right PH by following recipes, opening scrolls with little radio transceivers, and voice sensing wands that send infared signals to robotic beasts
Voice, Apr 23 2010

       When you set out on a "campaign" you and everyone in your party are issued a gauntlet-style wearable computer preloaded with your build and linked to the DM (either a "house" DM whichever of your friends drew the short straw I think) by WiFi. The gauntlet is controlled by a touchscreen, automating your rolls and tracking your stats/inventory/XP/etc. The data for each campaign is permanently kept on record so you can come back years latter and pick up the campaign where you left off. There's also a small mob of out-of-work Actors on hand, ready to improv or take direction (via radio) from the DM to play out homebrew campaigns, but rehearsed in the house campaigns as well. The walls are all Epaper, so the settings can be rapidly changed to whatever the user desires, and at least a few areas are set aside with actual furniture and whatnot for the "Party meets in a seedy Tavern" style scene. Fuck, this would be even more awesome if we could just get some low-profile Augmented Reality up an running, you could just throw whatever mesh/texture you want on modular 'bots and get look & feel on the cheap...
victory, Apr 24 2010

       Wow. I haven't seen this. Guess it makes my D&D Park idea redundant.
DrWorm, Apr 24 2010

       I feel a need to point out in this thread as well, that the last group I gamed with included two martial artists, one ex- marine, and one marathon runner. The assumption that gamers are all overweight live in the basement types is not backed up by reality.
MechE, Apr 24 2010

       Speaking of dungeons and dragons, does anyone know where I can download an old-fashioned, single-player, sits-on-my- computer- and-doesn't-need-the-web, standalone, graphics- free, under-featured text only version of D&D? You know, the one that just says "You're in a maze of twisty little passages all the same" over and over again?   

       Sometimes I miss nostalgia. To make it harder, I'm on a Mac.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 24 2010

       @MaxwellBuchanan: Just Google "interactive fiction" and see what you get. You'll need an emulator program to run most of the games, but they are easy to find. It's still a living community, with new games being released even today. I might recommend "Slouching Towards Bedlam", though it's not really fantasy themed. For a more humorous games, find "Conan Kill Everything" or the infamous "Pick up the Phone Booth and Die"
5th Earth, Apr 25 2010

       Hey, [Maxwell]; you're in a maze of twisty little annotations.
{blinking prompt}...
pertinax, Apr 26 2010


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