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Eternal Iceberg

cruise the 7 seas in a wonderland of snow
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A large iceberg with a jagged and dramatic top. Behind the jagged spires (which are there for the look and to provide a nice horizon when seen from the inside) a large round sattelite dish-shaped valley is carved from the ice. A bridge crosses the valley and above the centre of the valley a steam generator is placed. The sunlight reflected from the white ice and snow in the curved valley is focused at this spot and generates electricity which is used to power the cooling system. About a foot under the surface of the ice is a layer of pykrete for insulation under which a network of hoses pumps a cooling liquid around. For propulsion a tugboat is attached. Down the sides of the valley guests ski or ride sleighs, while others sip warm drinks and wave to the locals at the coast from beautifully sculpted balconies carved in the sides of the peaks
undercover_neandertal, Jun 23 2004

Ice Islands http://infranetlab....-islands-spray-ice/
Not pykecrete (pyecrete?) but just made with water spray in arctic weather. [wbeaty, May 01 2010]


       Snow on demand -- that alone earns my +.
dpsyplc, Jun 23 2004

       [dpsypic] I think [u_n] is feeling a little nonplused.
FarmerJohn, Jun 23 2004


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