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Dunk-n-Fry Bag

Metal Mesh Bag Used to Dunk Food Items in Oil, Before Putting in Air Fryer
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So the idea is to put your cookable food items into a flexible metal mesh bag to quickly and conveniently dunk them in frying oil, to get the food items more fully coated with oil (more than what an oil sprayer provides). You then take that bag of oil-coated food and put it inside your air fryer or convection oven. You will then get a more authentic fried taste/texture for your food cooked in the air fryer / convection oven.

Alternatively, you could just use the bag to dunk the food into boiling oil for bulk Deep Frying.

I thought maybe the Dunk-n-AirFry way would just save you on a lot of oil.

sanman, May 27 2024


       Mesh bags exist for grilling food, so this idea is less inventing a new product than suggesting a new use for an existing one.   

       How is a bag better than a frying basket ? I don't have an air fryer but from what read you should use as little oil as possible or your food won't get crispy. A full dunk (whether in bag or basket) might be overdoing it.
a1, May 27 2024

       Air Fried food does not have the same texture and flavour as deep fried food, even when the air fried food is lightly sprayed with oil. What's needed is a heavier coating of that oil in order to give the more deep fried taste and texture.   

       Mesh bag is better than frying basket because it can be scaled to greater capacity and be used for bulk frying.   

       These days major fast food chains are warning of looming bankruptcy, since their prices have gone so high that their traditional customers can't even afford to eat there anymore. People are mainly focusing on just being able to afford groceries to eat at home. So we should all focus more on innovating new solutions for either the budget restaurant industry, or else for home dining -- mainly solutions that will save on cost.   

       I thought the mesh bag dunk thing would save on quantity of frying oil needed, while still offering Deep Fried satisfaction. Frying, when done properly, is compatible with low-carb Keto dieting.
sanman, May 27 2024

       Or what about a bag/pouch made out of thick steel foil, perhaps with an outer layer/coating made of silicone to make it extra leak-proof? If you put a piece of chicken inside such a foil bag/pouch, then you could compress/conform that bag around the food item. Then you'd pour your frying oil into the upright mouth of the bag/pouch, and not as much oil would be required, since the bag/pouch would be generally conforming to the shape of the food inside it, thus leaving less space for oil.   

       What do you all think of that idea?
sanman, May 28 2024

       // What do you all think of that idea? //   

       I can't speak for "all" but for me ... if the goal is reduce oil usage I'd say brushing or spraying it on is still the best way to go.
a1, May 28 2024

       @ a1: okay, but what is the point of deep frying in oil? The oil is a hotter medium effecting more heat transfer onto the food surface. Does a mere spray really do that?
sanman, May 29 2024

       How thick of an oil layer do you want though? A surface coating contained by your form-fitted foil is not much different from a brushed or sprayed coating recommended for use in an air fryer.   

       If you need more oil - but not really as much as a real deep fryer - you need a different approach. Do a 3D scan of the thing you'r going to fry, then use an SLS print of a metal form to fit it with EXACTLY the right amount of space around to fill with your preferred oil volume.
a1, May 29 2024

       @ a1: 3D mold wouldn't be better, since there's not enough fluid for buoyancy. So it would be the same as my approach.
sanman, May 30 2024

       // not enough buoyancy //   

       Mold some very small nubs in the bottom and sides to support the food in its minimal oil bath.
a1, May 30 2024


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