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other: philosophy
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   Be Like (Insert mentally or physically challenged person's name here) 
 (+12, -2)(+12, -2)  Dentist-Alien Theory 
 (+2)  Electro-green 
 (+5, -2)  emotions rationalised as mathematics 
 (+1, -7)(+1, -7)  Flying Electric Spaghetti Monster 
 (+2, -1)  Foiling Fate 
 (-6)(-6)  Generic Mystery 
   Instant feedback 
 (+6, -2)  Institute of Advanced Laziness Research 
 (+6, -3)  Not opposite day 
 (+1)  Occam's Causation Razor 
 (+1)  On Breaking the Perpetuation of Nonsense 
 (+4)  Perception Calibration Method - Perception Revelation To Apply To Life Challenges 
   Perpetual Notion Machine 
   Philosophy of commonality 
 (+3, -2)  Political corruption lambda calculus 
 (+3)  Problem solving transform 
 (+3, -7)  Snow Globe Snow Globe Snow Globe... 
 (+3)  Stealth EU membership via Gibraltar 
 (+21, -4)(+21, -4)  Stoicism Parrot 
 (+3, -1)  The Everybody Paradigm 
 (+3)  Thinking Abstention Month 


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