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H 'n' H water bottles

Water bottles come in all shapes and sizes.
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The His 'n' Hers range of clear, bottled mineral water comes in two styles.

The Her range, consists of 330ml through to 1L bottle in the form of a fully erect penis with ergonomic grip and fliptop lid.

The His range, consists of the additional 1.5L bottle in the elegant form of a pert breast with quick release nozzle nipple cap.

For the budding adventurer, cyclist or camper, a range of camouflaged tin H 'n' H water bottles are available with accessories, including the bicycle bottle holder.

skinflaps, Dec 21 2004

Penis sports bottle http://www.bachelor...com/tranpenbot.html
sorta like this one? [ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 21 2004]

Cocktube http://www.cockolada.de/
What a picnic searching for this was. [tiromancer, Dec 21 2004]


       what happened to [freerunner], I liked him.
dentworth, Dec 21 2004

       I posted a menu idea where all the entrees had bra cup sizes for labels, which reflected the size of the meal. it got ignored.   

       go figure
dentworth, Dec 21 2004

       No pleasing people is there [skinrunner]?
wagster, Dec 21 2004

       Sometimes the people can [wags], sometimes.
skinflaps, Dec 21 2004

       //a fully erect penis...with a fliptop lid//   

       Jesus Christ!!!
etherman, Dec 21 2004

       Ha!, sorta [ConsulFlaminicus], not quite, but sorta.   

       [tiromancer] Ha,ha, ha, ha !(wish I could photoshop)
skinflaps, Dec 21 2004

       [skinrunner] ...errr...I don't think that's photoshopping. [tiro]'s link is the one I was looking for and couldn't find - Those things are for sale in eastern europe and there are billboards in Budapest advertising them (unconfirmed).
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 22 2004

       Sorry, [ConsulFlaminicus] I did'nt mean that was photoshopped, I would like to photoshop it.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2004


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