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Dust n Rub

Scrub a dub dub dub
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This shower comes with a pair of goggles.

Step inside, push the dust button and POOF. the air is filled with gritty yet sanitary particulates. Then, before you pass out from holding your breath; PFFFFT vapor jets emit a dense fog to collect all the sand. Then simple scrub and rinse away as the shower starts up.

No soap required!

Below the shower is a sand trap. The trap mechanically cycles out the dust and dermis into a bin under the house. When it is full it can be used for gardening or landfill.

mylodon, Dec 14 2022


       So, like a sandblaster?
pocmloc, Dec 14 2022

       I once stood naked in the desert (Tanami).The dry wind got rid of my perspiration in seconds as the blackest clouds I’ve ever seen were rolling all over the sky.
The red sand stung as it hit me, but it was nothing too dramatic. The first drop of rain hit my shoulder with an audible splat, followed by a complete downpour.

       Cleanest I’d been for days! Saving water has to be a good thing. (+)
cromagnon, Dec 14 2022

       I'm pretty sure dry showers like this are a staple of science fiction.
21 Quest, Dec 14 2022

       Not in this way, this is a practical way to make it work. Most SF dry showers amount to "run sand on yourself and call yourself clean"
Voice, Dec 14 2022

       [+] as long as you also include flip-flops*.   

       *Burning Man 2007 'The Green Man' (the last 'pure' year before The Burn was co-opted by the richie-rich Coachella crowd) sandstorms made skin soft and cleared up nasty greasy scalp issues, so I'm told. Caveat: walking around barefoot seemed like a good idea, but led to nasty cracked feet, as the sand drew too much moisture out the soles. Come to think of it, you might want to add nose plugs to the Sand Shower, just to help keep the drying dirt storm out of those sensitive nasal passages.
Sgt Teacup, Dec 14 2022


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