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"Shower Scum" Eating Organism

Beasties which live off the scum in your shower.
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You know they have little creatures which can live in your fish tank and eat the green gook off the glass. This is the same concept only in a different setting. The beasties themselves could be microscopic but I think it would be even cooler if they were visible and you could see little creatures crawling all over the inside of your shower and eating the scum. Maybe even leech-sized creatures to scare the bejesus out of visiting relatives.
dgeiser13, Feb 23 2001

(?) Slugs Down Under http://www.newscien...eatures_224948.html
Baked! by a naturalist, of course. [hello_c, Feb 23 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Imaginary Nematodes http://nematode.unl.edu/imagine.htm
I haven't tried a wetting bottle filled with nematodes in my shower, yet. [reensure, Feb 23 2001]


       We have immune systems. Skin flakes and grease do not. After reading the link, I'm almost tempted to try the slugs...
egnor, Feb 24 2001

       I always wanted an organism that would eat dust and emit a pleasant ambient light.
politburo, Feb 24 2001

       Ah, but maybe it only snacks on dust, and gets the bulk of its energy elsewhere.
PotatoStew, Feb 24 2001

       Since maggots will only eat dead flesh (so they won't eat you) a shower-slug-maggot might not be a bad idea. What ever it is it needs to be big (about the size of my hand) so I can find it and move it out of the way while I'm washing. Maybe it's skin could extrude a soapy residue so you didn't have to buy soap!
futurebird, Feb 25 2001

       You could do away with the shower altogether and let it feed off you directly while you sleep or give television news reports.
Monkfish, Feb 25 2001

       Maggots have been known to infest open sores or wounds on a person's body, and can in fact sometimes used on purpose to clean out a wound. So while the maggots wouldn't eat your living flesh, this could have some unintended and rather unwanted consequences.
PotatoStew, Feb 25 2001

       Shower Scum? Are they like Trailer Trash, but with smaller living quarters?
hello_c: Great link! It almost makes you want to have one as a pet. Perhaps you could put it on a leash and take it for walks.
DrBob, Feb 26 2001

       there's a product caled "Quick n brite" that is enzyme based, which actually does eat away shower scum, and grease and such. it's usually seen in an infomercial on tv, and it's worth buying.
mr shrum, Mar 30 2001

       This idea has the same catch most of the other "living organisms cleaning for us" ideas carry. These things would scare the hell out of me. I'd spend the entire shower with my eye on the scum-sucking blob on the wall, and this innate fear that as soon as I turn my back I'm going to be devoured by my own cleaning pet would possibly keep me out of the shower entirely. Problem solved, I guess. Or I would have to buy another pet (dog, some sort of small, trained rodent) to keep an eye on my cleaning slugs for me and devour them if they get a bit greedy. This could create an a new market entirely.
smizzou, Jun 10 2001

       How do you keep these things in the shower and not crawling about in the house? Perimeter Keeping Shocking Fence Organisms!!!
waxingpoetic, Dec 04 2002


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