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For measured sloth
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When to dust? If you run your finger along a surface, the amount of dust it collects is dependent on the distance travelled, as well as on the absolute dust density. If you rely on visual means, a great deal depends on the colour of the surface and on the incident light, as well as on your eyesight.

Deciding-when-to-dust quandaries begone!!!

MaxCo is slightly proud to introduce the MaxCo Dustometer. This dynamically unexciting device consists of a standardised LED light source beneath a horizontal glass plate, and a light sensor mounted just next to the light. As dust accumulates on the glass plate, more light is scattered back to the light sensor. When a predefined user- selected threshold is reached (choose between "Spick", "Span", "Spick AND Span", "Clean", "Acceptable", "Dusty" and "Pompeii"), a small light flashes and the unit begins to mutter pre-recorded criticisms of your housekeeping skills. The unit auto-calibrates itself every few seconds to compensate for ambient light levels.

Simply place the MaxCo Dustometer in any quiet corner, switch on, and leave. Or install the batteries (not included) to access its functionality.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2009

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       Excellent. A portable dust spectrophotometer.
leinypoo13, Dec 06 2009

       This would be great for lazy housekeepers--they would only have to dust that tiny plate.
ldischler, Dec 06 2009

       //functionality can be accessed//   

       Now wash your mouth out with soap!
mouseposture, Dec 06 2009

       At the end of the "tolerance to dust" dial there ought to be a "Quentin Crisp" setting. He famously didn't clean his apartment, defending this practice by saying something like "After four years the dust doesn't get any worse".
hippo, Dec 07 2009

       Feather duster in hand, I stand looking dubiously at the MaxCo Dustometer on the mantle. Looks ok to me, but I tap it anyway. The pre-recorded voice states, "If you dust now, you will inhale 407 micrograms of particulate before it all settles back to where it was."   

       Hmmm. That rounds to 0 milligrams, which means there's no dust, and therefore no reason to waste the time. Good 'nuff.
lurch, Dec 08 2009

lurch, May 14 2010

MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2010


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