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dust shaker vortex closet

chamber with extra strong exhaust fan - grabbers that shake dusty blankets
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Ever throw off the covers in direct morning sunlight? Or see someone take off their old dusty sweater. Disgusting- suck it in. TV blankets, dog blankets.

Connect a shower stall or small closet to an adjustable speed high powered house fan pulling air out the top, bottom or side - it would have to be a large exhaust port, at least 3' dia. The fan could be distanced with 3' duct made of sound absorbing material to reduce noise.

Strong but sympathetic rubberized clamps grab your dusty textiles and mechanically shake the hell out them, maybe some soft car wash style rotating beater brushes, dust wisked away by the air stream. No more shaking heavy blankets over your downstairs neighbor's balcony, occasionally dropping stuff, or having the dust fly back into your nose and hair. No matter how much you shake there always seems to be more.

Also good for drying clothes, sanding and painting projects, working with other toxic fumes, brushing dirty objects. A shower stall would dry quickly and be ready for use. Those 6" - 10" dia. bathroom fans are worthless. Especially for embarassing stinky toilet episodes.

Could pull air from inside in summer for house ventilation, switch to outside intake in winter.

On hot days one could take a shower then stay put to air dry under a brisk vortex à la George Jetson.

M Carter, Feb 10 2008

Whole House Fan http://www.airscape...EupECFQ6CPAoduHi5CA
These are sweet! [Amos Kito, Feb 10 2008]

TV_20cosy a warm tv is a happy tv [xenzag, Feb 10 2008]


       What exactly is a TV blanket? Is it like a male blanket that like to sport a little lace fringe?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2008

       I sure could use a sympathy clamp.
Amos Kito, Feb 10 2008

       A TV blanket is something you throw over the TV when it's asleep to keep it warm. It's a bit like a tea cosy, only it's a TV cosy....see link. (+)
xenzag, Feb 10 2008

       Exactly, xenzag. A TV blanket is pretty much a stand-in for a cat, or should I say lay-in?   

       It keeps you warm and cozy by reclining on you when you are watching the television, and it keeps the television warm and cozy when you are not watching it by reclining atop it. Personally, I prefer the TV blanket because I don't have to clean up after it.
Canuck, Feb 10 2008


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