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Dusty the stop smoking mascot.
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Dusty is the name of this replica head which is a bobble-head and a jack-in-a-box combined, explains the tag tied around the neck with strings. Don't choke dusty, it exclaims! Dusty contains a package of cigarettes, a quantity of dust*, and book of matches. When the lid is turned to get the cigarettes and matches, a spring wound churning plate in the lid instantly launches the dust and strikes the matches. Be quick before ol' Dusty smokes them all before you.


rcarty, Dec 08 2014

Ol Dusty says otherwise http://wave.webaim....FDusty%231418067403
[rcarty, Dec 08 2014]


       Well, at leas this isn't in product: cigarette: joke.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2014

       This is actually an idea for a self contained sign rather than a regulatory system of sign signifying mass disciplinarians. This way Dusty makes the rules, and breaks the rules at the same time.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       How about a larger one for dieters that starts a food fight when the dieter reaches for the bon-bon? Think of all the exercise they would get throwing stuff around.
RickRantilla, Dec 08 2014

       Dusty Springfield would be 75 right about now.
normzone, Dec 08 2014

       Ask him about tobacco dust.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014


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