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Nasty Cigarette

A Very Nasty Smoke
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Anti-smoking companys should come out with nasty tasting cigarette that looks like the brand the smoker smokes. A person (i.e. A friend, A caring family member) can exchange a cigarette. When the smoker smokes the nasty cigarettes, he will get the taste of his life for 12 hours after smoking the cigarette then let him smoke some regular cigarettes and then sneak another nasty cigarette in the pack

Tastes should be like burned rubber tires, rotton meat, moldy fruit, sweat shop, vomit or any other disgusting taste anybody can think of.

jeffman, Jul 21 2003

Cigarette Loads http://www.zymetric...m/product.asp?3=470
[bungston, Dec 18 2005]


       Do regular cigarettes actually taste good? If not, would worse tasting ones help kick the habit?
half, Jul 21 2003

       No - but they satisfy a withdrawal craving.   

       This will just make kids want them more.
snarfyguy, Jul 21 2003

       "nasty tasting cigarettes" - Widely Baked, methinks...
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       Clove cigarettes. *Those* things should be illegal!
snarfyguy, Jul 22 2003

       This actually works... I was looking for a cigarette a little while ago, and found an old pack in my glovebox... I took one or two drags and immediately started to gag. It was the grossest thing ever. I quit for several months. Every once in a while I still have one with friends, but it's never been the same, and I think they are gross now.
KLRico, Oct 24 2003

       Whath wong with cthove cigareth? They make my mouth theel all thingally.
Overpanic, Oct 24 2003

       Take your friend's cigarrette and dump out all the tobacco then fill most of the empty space with match heads. Put some tobacco in the top so it looks like a regular cigarette. Then put it back in the pack.
Amishman35, Jul 15 2004

       So the idea here is for anti-smoking organisations to manufacture cigarettes, is that right?
DrBob, Jul 16 2004

       Ear Wax. That tastes pretty bad   

       Maybe not anti-smoking companies, but joke manufacturers.
Jake, Jul 07 2005

       How about also manufacturing 'joke' petrol which looks and smells and costs like the real stuff, but actually just fucks up your engine so you can get fit walking?
Basepair, Jul 07 2005

       What a great idea, [Basepair]!
dbmag9, Dec 17 2005

       It occurs to me that some of the pups out there may not be familiar with that classic gag,the Cigarette Load. Oh the hilarity! Loads should be provided free wherever smokes are consumed.
bungston, Dec 18 2005

       You know, I dont think that they would notice.   

       Smoking ruins your sense of taste.
DesertFox, Dec 18 2005


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