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Dynamic Range Compression for Television

Compress both the audio and the video
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Compress the audio to take some of the punch out of the transition to commercials broadcast some 30 dB louder than programming. On the pix side, make each pixels brightness equal its percentile ranking among pixels in the current frame. This way the average luminosity of each frame should average out to a nice midtone gray. Should help deal with programming designed to turn my television into a strobe light. Kudos to BBC World for at least bracing me by saying 'the following report contains flash photography.'
LoriZ, Jul 03 2010

(?) Dolby Volume http://www.dolby.co...e/dolby-volume.html
Better than compression [csea, Jul 04 2010]


       One of my first ideas was for a TV that would regulate photon output to avoid brightness problems caused by differences in editing software/delivery methods. It was shot down immediately.
DIYMatt, Jul 03 2010


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