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Profanity context beeps

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I've noticed lately that, on a lot of American-made TV (and possibly British, though I haven't seen it), not only do they beep out profanities, but they momentarily put a "blur box" over the speaker's mouth.

This is bizarre, but I presume it is to protect sensitive lip- readers. Frankly, I'm fucked if I can see what big deal is, but there you go.

Howevertheless, despite all the beeping and blurring, you don't have to be a fucking genius to work out exactly what has been said. I mean, if hearing/lip-reading viewers hear/see someone say "Get your ___ing goat off my deckchair!", the blanks more or less fill themselves in.

The solution, thencefore, is to bleep-out and blur-out the immediate context of the profanity, so that it becomes "Get ___ _______ ____ __ __ ______ir!."

Of course, even then, anyone who has been watching the program will probably be aware of the general character of the protagonists, and will be able to construe that heated argument, including profanity, is likely to arise given the circumstances portrayed. The solution to this is simply to bleep-out and blur-out the entire fucking program.

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2015

Bleep you buddy [the porpoise, Nov 24 2015]

Frozen censored https://www.youtube...watch?v=q0v7rFSUrGE
[pashute, Nov 24 2015]

There is literally no better example anywhere of bleeping stuff out than this https://www.youtube...watch?v=p_-li8zlTME
[hippo, Nov 28 2015]

unnecessary censorship https://www.google....ecessary+censorship
[Voice, Nov 28 2015]


       [+] due to absurdity, and you gave me an idea [link]
the porpoise, Nov 24 2015

       Update: MaxCo. is currently in talks with Google Earth to have Slough, Milton Keynes, S____horpe and all of Essex pixellated.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2015

       baked. see link
pashute, Nov 24 2015

       Maybe instead of beeps you could have some ....................... I am too busy with a minecraft addiction. It will pass but until then I may go away.
travbm, Nov 25 2015

       One Thoroughly Baked Bun For You. M'Lord. [+]
Grogster, Nov 27 2015

       Just farm out to Thailand, last time I watched Thai TV they had blurred out the cigarettes people were smoking, and the beer bottles people were drinking from in old black and white films.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 28 2015

       Remember, bleeping technology can be used for good purposes too (see link).
hippo, Nov 28 2015


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