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Dynamic meeting room signs

what's going on now, and next
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We've got a couple of shared meeting rooms at work, and each has it's own calendar, allowing people to book it online. What I'd like is a cheap/simple electronic display (solar powered?) door sign, which says what's going on in the meeting room, and the time of the next appointment.

This would prevent people from walking in on meetings (when others have forgotten to move the current Meeting In Progress/Room free sign across), and would also allow people to see at a glance whether it's free for an impromptue meeting.

P.S. yeah, I'd rather have a glass panel too..
neilp, Aug 18 2005

like this http://www.visix.co...ingminder/index.htm
only for about $30 rather than $1000 [neilp, Apr 23 2007]


       presumably, this sign is wirelessly linked to your room booking system [neilp]? Or maybe it has a SIM card in it and a secretary SMSs the information through?
jonthegeologist, Aug 18 2005

       [jtg], spot on with the door-sign-is-online suggestion. I was thinking either a live wifi connection, or perhaps a local radio broadcast from a master PC (a bit like dynamic shelf edge labelling in supermarkets). The latter approach would keep down power usage.
neilp, Aug 18 2005

       I once thought about rigging up an at-the-door conference room calendaring device using some of the countless, cheap, old Palm devices that I saw sitting around gathering dust. Getting the RS-232 devices networked inexpensively was the hurdle I didn't try to get over.
half, Aug 18 2005

       [half] the Palm Tungsten C would be ideal with it's built in WiFi, a little over-specced for what I was thinking of.
neilp, Aug 19 2005


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