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global hollywood signs

Every town and city on Earth has a number of highly visible 50 ft letters erected nearby.
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I propose that each and every conurbation of significance has a sign similar to the one in the Hollywood hills. If no hills are handy use stilts.

This would have quite a few beneficial effects on the lives of all humans; you could tell where you were at a glance, it would create jobs, Hollywood would become another normal town and vandals could have a field day in Scunthorpe.

Spidergoat, Jun 04 2001

Mountain Monograms http://www.deuceofc....com/mts/index.html
A start... [StarChaser, Jun 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Stan Herd: Crop art Supremo http://www.stanherd.com/Portfolio.htm
Nice pictures, done large. [Spidergoat, Jun 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

South San Francisco: The Industrial City (1923) http://www.ci.ssf.c...storicresource3.jpg
Originally whitewash, replaced with 5-ft poured concrete sans serif magnum gothic in 1928. [jutta, Jun 04 2001]


       The sign at the Yorkshire (UK) town of Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe would be longer than the town.
angel, Jun 04 2001

       Excellent Link StarChaser; there should be more large scale stuff like that in the world (as long as it doesn't look offensive or nuke the environment).   

       The link reminds me of those crop pictures farmers plant on the approaches to airports... could have a lot of fun with those...
Spidergoat, Jun 05 2001

       A lot of podunk burgs in Oregon, USA, have a one-letter ID on a hillside somewhere above the town. There are many highschool rituals associated with painting the monogram in locally significant ways.
Dog Ed, Jun 05 2001

       This would probably annoy Hollywood postcard vendors.   

       It doesn't really seem in character with eastern cities. Besides, there's no room in Manhattan for giant letters. We'd have to move them to New Jersey.
francois, Jun 05 2001

       Would you also need *really* big signs for each nation? And *really, really* big signs for planets?
beauxeault, Jun 05 2001

       [Rods]: The Scunthorpe tale is, to my certain but undocumented knowledge, true. The town also failed to appear in on-line telephone directory listings.
angel, Jun 05 2001

       Kinda rules out "Twatt" in Scotland too.
Siz, Jun 13 2001

       Have you priced Hollywood Signs lately? I live on the street which - for all intents and purposes- goes straight up to the Sign - (access is verboten) - 10 steps out the door, there it is. It was originally 'Hollywoodland' - a real estate development advertising sign. Much less expensive to get a bunch of local rocks and whitewash them. Hopefully to be arranged with correct spelling and somewhat fixed in place so a rival High School or somesuch can't rearrange letters. My Parents replanted and for a time maintained our Alumni High School hedges set an angle on a hill on backside of football stadium after our chief rivals destroyed the S of SUHS and destroyed the right portion of the U to then spell LHS. Not fun - Not funny. Mysteriously enough, the other schools very large Carved Redwood Cardinal was found in chunks floating in a canal shortly thereafter. Large McCulloch Chain Saws are wonderful beasts, if I may say so myself.
thumbwax, Jun 13 2001


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