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Dyson Air Bread

makes toast, but don't attempt drying your hands in it
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Dyson Air Bread is a toaster based on the principles of his amazing Airblade hand drier. (see link)

The toaster version has a caddy that swings out so that a slice of bread can be held in place long enough to be blasted by the superheated air stream. This is a fully automated process. The air is heated by gas flame based on a replaceable cartridge system

This entire process enables an additional feature to be added, and that is the ability to spray the toasting bread with sticky airborne particles, like grated cheese. An extra hopper is provided for this feature.

xenzag, Apr 21 2012

http://www.dysonairblade.co.uk/ visualise hands as bread in animation [xenzag, Apr 21 2012]

2:46 toaster in action http://www.myspace....ops-hagover/7310001
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2012]


       [+] gas-powered toaster: what's not to like ? :)
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2012

       Now just how will it be activated? Evil laugh, perhaps?
4whom, Apr 21 2012

       Will it toast, though?
theleopard, Apr 21 2012

       Toasting basically involves the dessication and then partial oxidation/caramelisation of the outer layers of the bread. I have a suspicion that this could be attained chemically, as well as thermally.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2012

       Impingement ovens already cook all your pizzas, from fast food joints.
4whom, Apr 21 2012

       Remembered another toaster, Paul Hogan show...2 minutes 46 seconds into the video (seelink)   

       Back to the thread, the flame'll have to be hot, otherwise it's just a way to get very dry bread. <wonders what would happen if own "training hamsters to skydive hand dryer" is accidentally switched with this one..shudders>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2012

       Actually gas heated air is not ideal, as water is a waste product of the combustion. Impingement ovens work a lot getting the humidity out of the air, to get your thin base crispy.
4whom, Apr 21 2012

       I suppose there would need to be the added complication of a heat exchanger to ensure that the air was devoid of moisture.
xenzag, Apr 21 2012

       Complicated dessication procedures may not be necessary, a simple [MaxwellBuchanan]'s daemon may do the trick. Unfortunately, this still needs to be 'baked into existance, the current embodiment blows little hot air.
4whom, Apr 21 2012

       And yet, strangely, is mostly composed of just that.
Alterother, Apr 21 2012


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