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Crumb Free Toaster

make crumbs and feed the birds
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Crumb Free Toaster is not strictly crumb free, but it tries hard.

It does this using a two step process.

Step one follows directly the making of a slice of toast, and is best described as the vibration mode. In this mode the internal chassis of the toaster shakes all of the crumbs down to traditional crumb tray.

Step two starts when the vibration is complete. A small but powerful vacuum sucks all of the crumbs into a convenient storage bag, which can be carried away when full and emptied out for bird feeding purpose

xenzag, Apr 27 2011

http://inventorspot...r_bird_crumbs_29828 [xenzag, Apr 27 2011]

Robert Crumb http://lambiek.net/artists/c/crumb.htm
[normzone, Apr 27 2011]


       I'd be more impressed if the toaster would periodically gather up all the delicious toasted crumbs and, using some edible glue (e.g. honey), stick them together into a model of a slice of toast which is ejected via the toast slot on the toaster. Thus, for every 1000 slices of bread you put into the toaster, you might get 1001 slices of toast out. Magic!
hippo, Apr 27 2011

       But what about the birds? I suggest that the vacuum crumbsucker decrumbs not into a convenient storage bag, but via pipeline direct onto the bird table.
pocmloc, Apr 27 2011

       Actually a combined Toaster/Crumber would be the answer. By-product crumbs from the toasting process would be gathered up and fed into a crumb storage hopper. Then anything you wanted covered in crunchy crumbs (e.g. fried chicken) could be put into the crumbing chamber and sputtered with crumbs.

I'm undecided at present whether this device should support the reverse process - i.e. where you insert some crumbed food (e.g. commercially available fried chicken pieces) into the crumbing chamber where the crumbs are sucked off and used to build a piece of toast.
hippo, Apr 27 2011

       With all this vibration and Two-Step, this can very well be a dancing toaster!
xandram, Apr 27 2011

       I suppose it could port through a hole in the wall instead of going into a bag - see link.
xenzag, Apr 27 2011

       ... which might result in the user catching thrush …
8th of 7, Apr 27 2011


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