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E-book Hat

Baseball cap plus
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A baseball cap (or other brimmed hat) with a one-line display screen that hangs down at the edge of the brim. Text scrolls along from right-to-left at a variable selectable speed. The screen might fold up under the brim when not in use. *pulls hat down a little more*
afinehowdoyoudo, Dec 13 2009

Similar but no brim http://www.pacificg...s=1328&ID=36582&P=F
[leinypoo13, Dec 13 2009]


       Only if it scrolls "Escaped Mental Patient...Extremely Violent...Avoid Eye Contact" then it flickers and gives you a little shock so that it causes one of your eyes to blink.   

       Or "HELP ME... I am mute...Which way to the bus station?"
leinypoo13, Dec 13 2009


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