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e-book porn

Finally, a good application for e-books.
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I've always wondered what makes people invest in (physical) e-books, since the display-technology is still so inferior to normal pocket books.

But there's an area where e-books have a clear advantage over normal books. Porn! The read times are usually short (with me, anyway), you could password-protect access, you can wipe it off (better than paper, at least; and it doesn't have to be waterproof, just splashproof), you can have a few normal books in there just for cover (or afterwards), and most of all - the damn thing stays open without occupying a hand.

Why isn't this happening yet? Or is it?

[How do you turn the pages? Maybe a voice interface. "OH!"]

[Small pictures? I don't think that's a handicap (to wit, the WAP porn sites - how pathetic can you get?); and I think there is a considerable market for both stories and pictures.]

ping, May 06 2001

CNet article on WAP Porn http://news.cnet.co...tml?tag=pt.techdirt
6 of the top 13 WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) sites are porn. [ping, May 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Current top 50 WAP sites. http://www.alloutwap.com/c/cat.cgi
The site the CNet article took its data from. (It's shifted a little since then.) [ping, May 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I don't think "you can wipe it off" -- these aren't waterproof that I've seen.   

       There's plenty of porn for PDAs and even for cell phones.
egnor, May 06 2001

       Hard...ahem. Difficult to support with one hand, I'd think, and how would you turn pages?   

       I dislike e-books on principle, anyway.   

       Porn for cellphones? Eek.
StarChaser, May 06 2001

       Side note: I dropped plans to make the halfbakery available through AvantGo when their usage agreement turned out to include a clause forbidding pornography or offensive speech - so either they made special agreements, or they're just covering their asses in case of a lawsuit but don't really enforce anything. Interesting.
jutta, May 07 2001

       This is a cool idea. Porn and ebook, two things I like. Bun!
PauloSargaco, Feb 25 2004

       yes, I could interface with this...
Voice, Apr 30 2008


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