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E-cigarette phone

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I have to admit that E-cigarettes have come a long way, and are now at least 5% as good as the real thing.

Howevertheless, there are issues. Some people carry around enormous brick-like things designed to last for a decade of continuous use, and capable of fumigating an entire rural village. This is stupid. But, at the same time, the slender, more pen-like ones have batteries that won't last a day, and need frequent refilling.


MaxCo. is proud to announce that it will soon be proud to announce the announcement of its E-cigarette Phone Case. Available in designs to hold all popular mobile telephones, the case is sleek and stylish in the way you would expect from MaxCo. Concealed within its sleekness is a tank for holding a good day's worth of vape liquid, and the other apparati of an E-cigarette, including a small mouthpiece. The device draws its power from the phone's battery, which is more than sufficiently adequate.

Of course, this does mean that we will soon see large numbers of people holding their phone to their lips and emitting clouds of vapour, but the world has already got used to people walking along talking into mid-air, so it'll get used to this too.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

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Combination mobile phone case and electronic cigarette [xaviergisz, Oct 31 2018]

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Mobile device case including electronic cigarettes and accessories [xaviergisz, Oct 31 2018]

https://www.totally...t-and-e-liquid.html [hippo, Oct 31 2018]


       // This is stupid. //   

       Not if you actually want to fumigate an entire rural village.   

       Why have a phone case at all ? Why not just make a totally integrated phone and e-cig ?
8th of 7, Oct 30 2018

       I thought of that. And also of upgrading existing e-cigs to take a SIM card. But the upfront development costs were prohibitive.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

       You mean "No-one would do it for me for free ... the buggers all wanted paying".   

       Whatever happened to the sort of entrepreneurial spirit where investors would put up all the money and take all the risk in return for a marginal interest in the venture ? Oh, yes, that was it - they got de-nationalised and made to live in the real world.   

       It must have been horrible for them.
8th of 7, Oct 30 2018

       Oddly enough, the exact reverse is true.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

       Re. links - well, bugger.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2018

       //including a small mouthpiece//that takes the form of a carefully sculpted miniature replica of 8th of 7. [crumb awarded for presenting opportunity to add this essential detail to idea]
xenzag, Oct 31 2018

       Seems cumbersome, the phone/fumigator/battery assembly. Why not just keep it in your pocket? Adding a thin, ornate hose to encircle your form before terminating at your lips would evoke memories of the caterpillar with a waterpipe.
whatrock, Oct 31 2018

       // thin, ornate hose to encircle your form //   

       Could be combined with earphones ?
8th of 7, Oct 31 2018

       Or, use the phone cam to take pics of the smoke signals and live-stream them.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 31 2018

       Given that e-cigarettes need space for a battery, some fluid and some electrical gubbins, I am mystified that no one manufactures them in the shape of an old-fashioned pipe, of the type you can imagine Harold Macmillan smoking. Also this would be something you could, in conversation, wave and point at people as you made a particularly good point or remembered a funny anecdote, in contrast to normal e-cigarettes which will always look stupid.
hippo, Oct 31 2018

       [later, after a Google search] - it turns out that someone else has thought of the e-cigarette fake pipe - see link
hippo, Oct 31 2018

       // wave and point at people //   

       With a little redesign, it could even be made to blow a jet of "smoke" (vapour) at your target, both to emphasize your point but also render them incapable of replying because of a violent fit of coughing (requires special BorgCo trachea/pulmonary irritant capsule add-on, prices on request).
8th of 7, Oct 31 2018


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