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E-mail RSS Feeds

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I imagine a site where you sign up and provide the login information for your e- mail account (POP3, IMAP, or various web- based services). It would provide you with a hash(*) with which you could receive an RSS feed of your e-mail, allowing you to preview the information regarding incoming mail in any way you want.

(*)By this I mean you are given a unique URL like http://rss.example.com/? 63726f697373616e74

Of course, this is not incredibly secure, as many RSS readers don't support password-protected feeds. Security measures could be added for some protection.

rgovostes, Aug 08 2004


       Don't see why not. There are already webmail services that translate an IMAP4 account into HTML and WAP; shouldn't be too difficult to do it into RSS or Atom.   

       You'd do the security on the outside by using https: to access the RSS stream.   

       You'd probably want to make up new tags for e-mail specific things (e.g. References/threading headers, other recipients, click here to delete, click here to file somewhere, etc.)   

       What services does your RSS client give you that you miss in your e-mail client?
jutta, Aug 14 2004

       GMail now offers this, so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all :)
rgovostes, Jun 10 2005


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