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Email Toilet Roll Printer

Read your mail on the loo, then dispose of the evidence
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I don't think this needs a huge amount of description. But the details might include.

Some hygiene solutions to assist you on the login if its a multi use toilet.

very light volume ink jet ink.

PainOCommonSense, Nov 01 2012

Built on top of existing technology.... Toilet_20roll_20printer
Well not exactly exiting, more established concepts... [PainOCommonSense, Nov 01 2012]


       I think it does need some description. Is is a wireless printer? Where is the ink? Will the ink be dry by the time you are ready to dry?
xandram, Nov 01 2012

       All good points.   

       I imagined wireless much in the same way you can purchase wireless printer. I assume that any ink sent at a piece of loo roll would be absorbed immediately.   

       The ink would jet just like your standard inkjet printer spraying straight on to the loo roll which would print out an email. providing you with valuable use of your time and potentially saving you the hygiene issues of accessing your own smart phone.   

       Periodically the ink would run out, but that's standard.
PainOCommonSense, Nov 01 2012

       Excellent. [+]   

       Delicioiusly ironical for reviewing the latest CC'd memo form Sales or Human Resources.
8th of 7, Nov 01 2012

       //Periodically the ink would run out// That's one solution, but what about the rest of the month?
spidermother, Nov 02 2012

       This is good on a number of different levels. For one, toilet paper is probably really cheap pound for pound. Second, you take two things that are discarded by design, and you align their purposes temporally to make use of the same resource.
fishboner, Nov 02 2012

       toilet paper is, by design, absorbant and therefore would be almost impossible to print on with ink jet technology legabily. Why not just just make it a thermal print head? Maybe the termal element could be high powered enough to print without embedding any thermal ink. Just burn the characters into the paper.   

       And would flushing all the email delete it from your inbox?
evilpenguin, Nov 02 2012

       Oops, didn't mean to delete that email, where's the "undo" button?
phundug, Nov 03 2012

       // toilet paper is, by design, absorbant and therefore would be almost impossible to print on with ink jet technology legabily.//   

       How about a laserjet?
TomP, Nov 04 2012

       This could be quite handy, and time-saving. I like+ As long as nobody thinks I'm odd for laughing really loud while taking a dump.
blissmiss, Nov 04 2012

       Everyone does both, why not at the same time?
rcarty, Nov 06 2012

       wotsises: bidets, or bugs that live in your colon and make electricity to light up the implanted LED's so your ass glows in Technicolor.
FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2012

       [bellauk65] Your bog-roll is perforated!? Doesn't the poo come through the holes?
TomP, Nov 07 2012

       I see what you mean now, I thought you meant it had holes all over it, rather than in widely spaced neat little lines.
TomP, Nov 08 2012


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