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EMP rifle

guided electro magnetic pulse rifle
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use the idea for a light saber, but intead of pinching a magnetic field, could you pinch a pulse? point, pull trigger, and disable any modern electronics with extreme accuracy. handy for disabling almost any vehichle ignition system, wiping computers, excetra, can't believe this hasn't been thought of.


sergeant dukie, Dec 05 2002

jengle and fatro's rail-gun page http://home.insight...ail/rail-intro.html
mechanics and physics of a rail-gun, for more, go to any search engine and type rail-gun- colleges and well known research centers are reliable for high powered rail-gun research and development, the little people are just messing around with free time on their hands... [sergeant dukie, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

(?) EMP gun. Baked too. http://www.infowar....3/class3_a.html-ssi
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Just a big short circuit. " Hey, throw me a short, willya." http://www.airpower...es/kopp/apjemp.html
With pictures! [ty6, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Professor Dukie - I demand links. Find me easy reading so I can learn how this EMP computer disabling technology works. I remember they made a bomb out of it in the Oceans Eleven remake. Also cars stop running when flying saucers come around. But except for that, I am ignorant. You must educate, quickly, before that mob calls this magic and MFD.
bungston, Dec 05 2002

       an Electro Magnetic Pulse is like a short term pulse electro magnet. really powerful waves are needed, so usually the device destroys itelf in the process. these pulses are also emmitted from nuclear explosions, but nothing will be left to effect with the pulse in a nuclear explosion. as for the part where I mentioned the "light saber" idea, that is somewhere on this site... go to the search section and type "light saber"...
sergeant dukie, Dec 05 2002

       Weren't those railguns?
bristolz, Dec 05 2002

       in eraser, those were rail guns... i will post a link for rail-run instructions, but they are real, not fictional over powered movie crap that people can hold with one arm and fire somewhat accurately. but they are powerful suckers and the military is investing in them. as for the question of power, a current experimental rail-gun can fire a 2kg chunk of tungsten at about 4km/second in the state of plasma.
sergeant dukie, Dec 05 2002

       //can fire a 2kg chunk of tungsten at about 4km/second in the state of plasma.// I can't find the state of plasma on map. Will it woik in California?
thumbwax, Dec 06 2002

       //an Electro Magnetic Pulse is like a short term pulse electro magnet.//

Does that strike anyone else as being remarkably circular?
jurist, Dec 06 2002

       "Inverse Square Law" - apart from masers and TWTs, this isn't very practical, and sadly needs a lot of plant to drive it plus coolingsystems. Lower frequecy systems (that can't use waveguides) need big, clumsy yagi arrays.   

       The idea per se is not new, devices like this have been proposed many times over the last 80 years. They are still a long way from practicality. Some police forces have looked at EMP systems to fry the EMS units in cars they're chasing but nothing practical and portable has yet been sucesfully demonstrated in the field.   

       Some ECM systems can do what you're asking but since they use pulsed microwaves they're not exactly low-lethality.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2002

       You can carry the battery pack, dukie.
DrBob, Dec 06 2002

       From vectorsite.net (Sounds like a (non nuclear) EMP field gun):   

       "The USAF EMP / HPM weapon is described as consisting of a helical coil wrapped around a copper cylinder. A bank of capacitors supplies an initial current of a few hundred thousand amperes that creates a magnetic field in the gap between the coil and the cylinder. A conventional explosive charge explodes the coil assembly from the rear forward, compressing the magnetic field and generating a powerful electromagnetic pulse.   

       The overall power of the pulse is not great. A simple antenna is used to focus it in a 30-degree cone to hit a target no more than a few hundred meters away. The weapon fires through a transparent window in the nose of the missile, with the window also used by targeting sensors. It appears that firing this munition does not damage the delivery platform, hinting that it is driven by a something like a cannon shell that is ejected after firing, to be replaced by another shell from a magazine. "
st3f, Dec 06 2002

       Don't mention those b@st@rds in my presence please, [Rods].
8th of 7, Dec 06 2002

       computer game rail guns are most definately sci-fi, no doubt about that. but the actual rail-guns are quite powerful, no they do not leave weird blue trail or fire things at the speed of light... though that would be nice...
sergeant dukie, Dec 06 2002

       Now that I understand what this is about better, the Westwood folks have such a weapon in the game Tiberian Sun. In the game, this EMP cannon barfs up a big blue ball, which flies a short distance than lands, disrupting all electronic vehicles in the vicinity.   

       The EMP gun could be something similar, perhaps along the lines of those nuclear grenades. Maybe with a magnet attached. Or put it in a sock covered with sticky grease and stick it to the vehicle.
bungston, Dec 06 2002

       A sock covered in sticky grease wouldn't cut it, i don't think.   

       A functional EMP weapon would have a high-gauge coil wired to something like a homopolar generator. Close the circuit, and a massive pulse of EM energy is generated in the coil, travelling out both ends; an aluminum parabolic reflector would focus it to a tight point.   

       It would come in useful if you were a 95 year old antisocial man who couldn't lift an axe, had billions of dollars, and needed to destroy a consumer computer that was easily accessible to something the size of a tank (to carry the generator).
Macwarrior, Feb 03 2003

       I've heard of cell phone zappers made this way, I got this from another site, so no guarantees.: take about three or four nine volt batteries, connect them in a string. get 5-6 high voltage capacitors {if you cant find any, just crack open a couple of disposable cameras}and string those together as well {you should know how to do that, if not you shouldnt be building an EMP} connect those two items {batteries-capacitors} with a nice pushbutton switch.attach the output wires to a coil of 18-22 guage wire. push the button and you got a nice EMP that has got a decent range {2-6 ft} some tips on improving range/power: increase capacitor values reduce wire guage place coil in parabolic dish {trust me on this one buddy, not for beginners}, this makes this device extremely directional, i would suggest if you make it with these mods, place it in a nice sheilded box witth the dish aimed forward. i suggest that if the box is a good sheilded one, attach a laser pointer {5.00 bucks} to the outside {BEHIND the dish or it wil be fried!} just for style... so i hope you have fun with this thing, i know i did!!
kmartp, Jun 23 2003

       I can make one that will permanently disable a TV from about 50 yards. Looks great when I fire - *cough* I mean, If I fired it it would look good.   

       pretty easy actually.
Macwarrior, Jun 23 2003

       why dont you use 6 tight lasers,strong enough to burn a hole through the air for the EMP to travel down.potential difference will travel the path of least resistence to ground.all an EMP is basicily,is a big static charge,stray voltage.
pfeedbak, Jul 05 2003

       Why not create a unimagnetic field (hard, I know, but possible) and activate it near whatever you want to annihilate. I realize that keeping the magnetic field to one polarity would be very hard, but if you were the 95-Year old billionare like [Macworrior] spoke about, why not try?
tutam, Jun 15 2004


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