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ET in vacation photos II

flash lasers and take pictures of them
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In a very frequently photographed place use lighting for less than 1/60th of a second every few seconds to expose or make appear an object. Only cameras will see the object this way. In one out of every 600 vacation photos in a particular spot: ET!

also useful for haunted houses.

Voice, Oct 31 2010

More like 1/100th of a second. http://www.psych.ny...entation_intent.pdf
[mouseposture, Nov 01 2010]


       But how are you going to mount a laser apparatus in the middle of the sky without it being visible?
DIYMatt, Oct 31 2010

       I didn't realise the sky had a middle.
nineteenthly, Oct 31 2010

       It’s in between the top of the sky and the bottom of the sky, I presume.
pocmloc, Oct 31 2010

       There's often clouds in the way.
daseva, Oct 31 2010

       You could, instead, put it 'way up in the middle of the air.
mouseposture, Oct 31 2010

       Why will people not see things if they're only illuminated for less than 1/60th second? Flashes from flashguns are much shorter than that and they're visible.
hippo, Nov 01 2010

       There's a lot written about tachistoscopic presentation of subliminal visual images, but mostly in the psychoanalytic and marketing literature; not strong on technical detail. But I found a <link> that gives an actual figure for how short the stimulus presentation needs to be for people not to see it: seems to be about 10 msec.   

       Also, the trick probably only works if the image has about the same average brightness as what it replaces (c.f. [hippo]'s comment on flashguns) so you'd have to project *continuously* and tachistoscopically *replace* the image, rather than merely projecting tachistoscopically.
mouseposture, Nov 01 2010


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