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Interactive toilet-board

Method of increasing the capacity for grafiti in toilets...
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For too long have we been forced to stare at the same old comments or doodles while visiting our favorite toilet cubicle in a bar or a school or the like. Using technology similar to that found in tablet PCs, the toilet-board covers the inside of the cubicle door and is capable of saving or displaying a large area which is free for doodling on while you have time to spare. It requires PDA stylus, which is chained to the ceiling above for security. Thanks to their connection through the internet to the broad and ever growing network of toilets, the casual browser can even peruse the contents of toilet doors that were drawn on in different countries! This is a fantastic idea for raising team moral in an office building or livening up a boring pub.

Other inventions possibly stemming from this one may include: - Voice activated interactive toilet-board - Miniature toilet-board for school and educational use - Live toilet video conferencing

gronner, Oct 11 2005


       Possibly a bit unhygenic but fun!
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       Magna Doodoo.   

       Toilet graffiti recently seen:   

       On door opposite toilet inhabitant at eye level: "Welcome to toilet tennis. Look left."
On left wall: "Look right."
On right wall: "Look left."

       Kept me amused for hours.
squeak, Oct 14 2005

       thats genius! how would you ever find time to go to the toilet though, with so much to think about!
gronner, Oct 16 2005

       A bit unclean, perhaps. If the tablet was flush with the sides of the stall, and was easily wipeable, it could be easily cleaned.   

       But good lord would that be great. I find graffiti extremely amusing.
HypnoLobster, Oct 17 2005


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