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Future Magic Act

Not done with mirrors....
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(what, no category for magicians and their stuff?)

Certain technological developments are necessary before this can be done. Likely it can only be done ONCE, after which nobody will be interested. That's what makes this Idea half-baked, of course!

The magician on the stage can do ANYTHING you can think of. Walk across the stage a foot above the floor. Saw the helper in half, with innards spilling all over the place, then sewing helper up again with instant perfect recovery. Pulling anything out of a pocket, like a T-Rex that bites the magician's head off, after which the magician grows a new head, pulls out a bazooka from another pocket, and shoots the T-Rex.

And so on. The reason all this (and more!) can be done is because ALL of it, including the magician, is a hologram, and every pixel that the audience can see during the performance was carefully constructed inside a computer. None of it was real; all of it was illusion!

Vernon, Sep 03 2015

A proposed 3D display 3D_20Crystal_20Display
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Sep 04 2015]

Law Three https://en.wikipedi...arke%27s_three_laws
[MechE, Sep 08 2015]


       So... not a magic act at all; just a holographic/3D movie. Yay.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 03 2015

       [neutrinos shadow], it's both. Professional magicians are quite willing to say that their tricks are illusions. Why should you think that one type of illusion disqualifies it from being an illusion in some other circumstance? Not long ago I saw a You-Tube video in which a rather good magician appeared to not-quite pull off a particular illusion, involving a television. It was supposed to look like he reached his arm into the TV screen to pull out a real object, but what I saw made me think that his arm actually went behind the TV to get it. His arm "in" the TV was the illusion, a prepared-in-advance display. In this Idea, the most- extreme-possible case is described (and if your breakthrough in holographic projection tech is kept secret, you probably could do this magic act quite a few times, before the secret got out).
Vernon, Sep 04 2015

       magic, and I'm not being ironic. Indistinguishable 3-D video does not exist.
Voice, Sep 04 2015

       [Voice], the operative word is "yet". Are you sure it can NEVER be done? As a hint for one possibility (still a bit iffy, though), imagine a crystalline structure that occupies the entire stage; then see link.
Vernon, Sep 04 2015

       In case anyone is interested, I've updated that 3D display idea to make it work better. (Just so it could be used in this Future Magic Act, heh!)
Vernon, Sep 07 2015

       Pretty sure Clarke already covered everything in this vein.
MechE, Sep 08 2015


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