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Intravenous Drip for Lasik Recovery
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I've dispensed major $$$ and thousands of eyedrops via individual-use dispensers into my eyes since my Lasik surgery. The inconvenience of carrying little plastic dispensers becomes a thing of the past with EYE-V. EYE-V is a discrete device which dispenses eyedrops as needed via a translucent tube coming from a reservoir hidden behind your ear, providing the proper amount of gravity flow.

An alternative, more asthetically pleasing application:
I had my tear ducts artificially "plugged" to allow natural tears to linger longer... So rather than "plug" them, the EYE-V PLUS is surgically plumbed up to this duct providing an even more asthetically pleasing eyeball lubricant system. A simple procedure on an outpatient basis of course.

The drip rate could be manually adjusted at the reservoir, or automatically with the EYE-V Moisture Sensor.

timbuktu11, Mar 29 2003


       You need to stimulate your body's natural production of tears.
Think about Dick Cheney.
roby, Mar 30 2003

       blissy: How are the drops in timbuktu11's idea any less sterile than conventionally delivered eye drops?
snarfyguy, Mar 30 2003

       This reminds me of "Clockwork Orange".
FarmerJohn, Mar 31 2003

       You could mount the dispenser in a spectacle-type frame. Then anyone who underwent laser-eye therapy to avoid the need to wear... ah, you're ahead of me.
pottedstu, Mar 31 2003


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