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Lick the red out
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Eyedrops with an applicator that is a small velvety tongue. Little tongue gently swabs your eye, delivering soothing eye medicine. Tongue is also designed to safely remove stray eyelashes or other foreign matter. One-time use tube package holds tongue in sterile eye solution until you twist applicator handle and break seal. No more dropping solution from squeeze bottle down your cheek or on to your flinching eyelid. Wow.
wombat, Sep 08 2003

yuck http://www.nylon.ne...inburger/tongue.jpg
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       ..I'm at a loss of words.   

       Oh! +, though. Because it's silly and I like it.
Pseudonym #3, Sep 08 2003

       Have you ever had someone do this? It's not as pleasant as you might think. :P
Detly, Sep 08 2003

       Uugh, if anyone else has stories of licking eyeballs/having eyeballs licked, refrain from sharing them...please. Tongues are more than rough enough to slough away corneal epithelial cells, opening the eye to infection. Keratitis is bad, mmkay.   

       However, eye like this. It's deliciously ludicrous.
Needa Moeba, Sep 08 2003

       ha ha ha... I don't know why I find the thought of someone licking an eyeball so funny! I had never thought of it. And the fact that it disgusted [Needa Moeba] makes it even funnier... I'm being stupid today, forgive me.
Pericles, Sep 09 2003

       eye li(c)ke this eye-dea a lot
seedy em, Sep 09 2003

       My grandma Minnie said never put anything in your eye but your elbow.
snarfyguy, Sep 09 2003

       that was your ear, snarfy.
po, Sep 09 2003

       I need a cryette just thinking about this.
phundug, Sep 09 2003

       That's true, po, but I think we can apply it to the eye. Minnie would approve.
snarfyguy, Sep 09 2003

       I'll drink to Minnie.
po, Sep 09 2003

       How can you drink with your elbows in your eyes?
FarmerJohn, Sep 09 2003

       but I never put my elbows in my eyes or my ears. good trick if you can do it.
po, Sep 09 2003

       //never put anything in your eye but your elbow//

//that was your ear//

How do you put your ear in your eye?
silverstormer, Sep 09 2003

       I thought you got mono from licking other people's eyes.
ghillie, Sep 09 2003

       you get encephal-eye-tis
DeathNinja, Sep 09 2003

       Apply the eyedrops with a pressure washer. Stare down the nozzle for good aim; then pull the trigger for a high velocity squirt before you can blink. It also removes eyelashes and other debris like a charm.
kbecker, Sep 09 2003

       // other debris //   

       Yeah. It gets rid of that pesky skull that's always there...
DeathNinja, Sep 09 2003

       Hmmm, small velvety tongue. So, if I bought a THOUSAND of these things and started pedaling them on the adult section of Ebay...
eyeguy, Jan 23 2004


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