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Grind reality and pour instant gratification on it
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This is a fake browser that appears superficially similar to the halfbakery. It works by accepting your ideas into a little window.

Over the next few minutes, the rest of the screen gradually fills up with cartoon croissants. Annotations arrive, such as "great job" or "Another home run!" "What spelling!" every two to eleven seconds.

GutPunchLullabies, Sep 25 2007

The reverse idea Fishbone_20image_20generator
[normzone, Sep 25 2007]

Sim-Halfbakery Sim-Halfbakery
[xaviergisz, Sep 29 2007]

And the reviews keep pourng in. http://www.amazon.c.../ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm
Replace "film" with "idea", and the DVD title with "EZBakery" -- it expresses just how we feel. [Amos Kito, Dec 24 2007]

Awfuk, buy my product! http://www.urbandic...fine.php?term=awfuk
[daseva, Mar 18 2011]


       Great Job
Ling, Sep 25 2007

       What spelling! [+]
theleopard, Sep 25 2007

       HAHAHA! love it! "You are everyone's favorite HalfBaker!" +
k_sra, Sep 25 2007

xaviergisz, Sep 25 2007

       You rock!   

       Perfectly in line with the laws of physics and no mathematical errors(+)!
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 25 2007

       How lonely!
skinflaps, Sep 25 2007

       This is similar to nothing else on the Halfbakery! [marked-for-adulation]. +
csea, Sep 25 2007

Ling, Sep 25 2007

       this doesn't already happen on your ideas? How sad.   

       Mine either. [+]
bleh, Sep 25 2007

       Awesome! Here's some maths:   


       Which proves it!
zen_tom, Sep 25 2007

       Great use of paragraph breaks !
normzone, Sep 25 2007

       Another home run [+]!
acurafan07, Sep 25 2007

       A bun just for using the word "gradually" +
phundug, Sep 25 2007

       What $previousannotator said. [+]
imaginality, Sep 25 2007

       Nice subtitle! [+]
baconbrain, Sep 25 2007

       sp: EZFuckingGreat!   

       Bunnage a trois!
theleopard, Sep 25 2007

       One of my all-time favourites!
zen_tom, Sep 27 2007

       //Bunnage a trois!// [marked-for-tagline]
ed, Sep 27 2007

       What [theleopard] said. [+]
theleopard, Oct 01 2007

       spelling is awfuk...
po, Dec 24 2007

       Every two to eleven seconds!
egbert, Dec 26 2007

       A God Mode for the HB
elhigh, Jan 10 2008

       Every two to eleven months!   

theleopard, Jan 07 2009

       Wow! Pow! Shazooooo...I didn't know about this way good idea.
blissmiss, Feb 26 2009

       I feel I've stumbled upon the twilight zone.
Spacecoyote, Feb 26 2009

       This has to be one of the greatest HB ideas ever.
nomocrow, Apr 13 2009

       I keep coming back to this - exemplary [+]
zen_tom, May 21 2009

       more ideas!
Voice, May 07 2010

       I love the one fishbone someone gave - gives EZBakery the air of authenticity :)
phundug, May 07 2010

zen_tom, May 10 2010

       Fuck a crippled monkey! Thats awesome!
S-note, May 10 2010

pashute, Mar 17 2011

       This idea gets better every time I read it!
phundug, Mar 17 2011

       Really, how could perfection get any better?
pocmloc, Mar 17 2011

       I've reviewed this idea again, and after consideration decided that my earlier anno stands. Of course, the antithesis of this idea already exists.
normzone, Mar 17 2011

       The previous annotations were right on the mark with respect to your second paragraph. My bun stands. Accepting your ideas should happen in a little window. does another home run happen in the fake browser?
Voice, Mar 17 2011

       Great Deals on EZBakerys now on eBay!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2011

       Awfuk: sumthing that is really awful, you just wanna say F U CK! Hence the name: awfuk!   

       Learn about it NOW! On the urbandictionary.com <linksydaisydoodly699>
daseva, Mar 18 2011

       So many layers of awesomeness - finely crafted!
zen_tom, Mar 28 2011

       Came back to this today and was reminded of the Easy Bake ovens of my childhood.
normzone, Mar 28 2011

       Little tiny chocolate cakes...yummy...
blissmiss, Mar 28 2011

       Elephants and Zebras?
blissmiss, Mar 29 2011

       Extra Ziphalons - tr. "more cowbell"
FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2011

       [Ian], you speak them phonetically, run them together, so it sounds like eee-zed, "eased bakery". A bakery that is used with ease, I suppose.
pocmloc, Mar 29 2011


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