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EZ Pass radar detctor / jammer

Hiding in plain sight.
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A radar detector and/or jammer in the form of and EZ Pass toll-paying device. This has the added advantage of being placed prominently on the windshield for better detection and/or jamming. As a bonus, it's pretty likely you could squeeze in the original toll-paying functionality.
phoenix, Nov 03 2014

Plastic Jesus Shaped Radar/Laser Detector Plastic_20Jesus_20S..._2fLaser_20Detector
Prior art, though invented separately. [phoenix, Nov 03 2014, last modified Nov 06 2014]

Hmmm...I have both a radar detector and a toll paying device on my dashboard / windshield. This would be a nice combo. Dispensable_20Radar_20Detector_2fJammers
But I still like my( linked) idea. [normzone, Nov 03 2014]

Plastic Jesus Shaped Radar/Laser Detector Plastic_20Jesus_20S..._2fLaser_20Detector
It seems putting the name in the Destination URL field causes a mistake. Jutta please check the bug: In case of a forward slash in idea name... [pashute, Nov 04 2014]


       pssst, the link on your profile page is broken [phoenix].   

       Its a HB bug... See my link.
pashute, Nov 04 2014

       Ah yes, the dreaded forwardslash bug.   


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