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electronic voting machines with fingerprint identification system
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EVMs were a boon As they facilitated fair voting ,but not all problems are solved.There are still many instances of bogus voting & maNY PEOPLE NOT BEING INCLUDED IN THE VOTERS LIST. This problem can be dealt as follows: A fingerprint identification system should be used which can:: 1)store the F.P.s of a person at some given time. 2) should recognise whether the prints match or not at some other instant of time. 3) It should be touch sensitive; thumb prints are stored when a person places his thumb on a particular area & they are recognised at a later instant. The mechanism of working is:: Centres for recording thumb prints must be installed 2 months before voting. here persons register their prints. During the actual voting, the voter first places his thumb on the touch sensitive region.If the print matches he is allowed to vote. In case the print is not stored before, a single beep is given,so the person cannot vote OR if the same person votes again, the system should give a double beep,so that the security can be alerted.(the system is programmed to recognise a print twice,but tO give a beep for more thaN ONCE)
maddy, Aug 03 2004


       With current EVMs, do you not have to check in before you vote? We still use the big mechanical machines with levers and whatnot here, but you have to present an ID to the person watching over the machines before you vote. That way, they check to see that you 1) are registered to vote in that district and 2) haven't already voted.
luecke, Aug 03 2004


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