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Earlier Beeping on Trucks

Starts beeping when the driver *thinks* about switching into reverse
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Most accidents involving backwards-moving vehicles occur the moment the vehicle starts to move, rather than after the vehicle has already been moving for a while*.

Therefore, it would be prudent for the warning beeps to start earlier -- when the driver puts his/her hand anywhere near the shift knob, as opposed to only after the vehicle is already in reverse. If the driver removes his/her hand without shifting, the beeping stops. Cheap stick-on sensors would be easy to install.

It could even be a different kind of beeping, indicating "Warning - this vehicle may be about to change direction." This could prevent forward-going accidents as well (e.g. by people who are in front of a truck and assume it'll continue moving backwards away from them.)

* Source: I made it up.

phundug, May 02 2008


       I think you need to check your sources.
WcW, May 03 2008

       What did you back into?   

       If only you could expand this into involuntary turn signals.
normzone, May 03 2008

       I'm thinking of putting a sign on my truck that says: "Warning: this vehicle may or may not move in any given direction at any given time." I figure that way anybody I run over has only themself to blame.
Alterother, May 06 2008

       I think you mean "Warning: this vehicle may or may not move in any given direction at any given time (laws of Physics permitting)." - I mean it's hardly likely to move downwards into the road surface is it?
hippo, May 06 2008

       Well if he's an owner/driver wanting to earn more $, and overload his truck, he may very well move downwards
g00r, May 06 2008

       Presumably, the beeping starts when the gear goes into reverse, which is presumably before the driver takes his foot off the brake. That's not enough warning?   

       I think the real safety feature here is adding reverse beeping to all vehicles, including family cars.
DrCurry, May 06 2008

       After a while all of this reverse beeping will be disregarded the same way we tend to disregard car alarms. "...beep...beep..beep...Oh don't mind that truck. He's probably not backing up."
Jscotty, May 06 2008

       Thoroughly disagree with that - do you ignore turn signals just because some people leave them on too long?
DrCurry, May 06 2008


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