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steering wheel reverse switch

steering wheel orientation fliper.
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For ease of navigation while reversing. As well as simplification of one armed driving. Switch would be a large toggle mounted by the drivers knee. At a flip of the switch, the steering wheel's left/right orientation would be reversed.
prune, Feb 11 2002

The Prune Syndrome http://www.halfbake...cy_20test_20tampons
read my thoughts on prune's postings [dj_photon, Feb 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You should also have a switch to reverse the throttle and brake, just to make sure your victim has no chance of survival. I am sure this idea will be a crashing success!
Krate, Feb 11 2002

       And this would cause less confusion? If you can't tell which way to turn the wheel while reversing, you probably shouldn't be driving.
mighty_cheese, Feb 11 2002

       Huh? If I am driving forward and want to turn/go left, I turn the steering wheel left. If I am driving backwards and want to turn/go left (assuming that I figure all directions from standard driving position, i.e. driver in driver's seat, facing forward. [The Idiot's VW repair manual has a nice treatsie on this]), I turn the wheel left. Right?   

       Don't you just point the steering wheel in the direction you want to go, or am I missing something?   

       Or do you want something to make backing a trailer, boat, camper, etc. easier?
1kester, Feb 12 2002

       1kester, this idea would give you the option of turning the wheel either way, regardless of final direction. Although it is convenient for the reasons you point out, it's primarily a safety feature.
prune, Feb 12 2002

       I don't think this has been thought through. What happens if you press the switch while the steering wheel isn't centred? Do the tyres swing round at the touch of a button?   

       (Wow, I agree with UnaBubba on something. Maybe I'm growing up after all.)
pottedstu, Feb 12 2002

       I don't see how a tire swinging button would make things better. I'll have to think about that one. But, I'm pretty sure the switch is the way to go.
prune, Feb 12 2002

       But why? It just sounds incredibly dangerous.
CoolerKing, Feb 12 2002

       Like some have said this could cause more danger than good.
pogoman59, Feb 13 2002

       I guess this could work. But is it really feasible and is there such a demand?   

       As most cars have extensive computer circuitry, the switch could have some sort of toggle that allows the feature only to work in reverse and must be switched off before the vehicle is brought out of reverse.   

       Then, think of the new amount of gears/steering box poeces parts and electronics (in an already cramped space) that this would require.   

       What if, because I can't back the boat into the lake, my wife and I switch spots and I forget to tell her that I flicked the switch?   

       I saw a large camper with a rear window mounted camera and on-dash video screen. The driver just turns on the camera and looks into the screen to back up.
1kester, Feb 13 2002

       I actually understand what Prune is saying here. My logical inclination in reverse is to turn the *back*-- i.e., bottom-- of the wheel in the direction I want the back of the car to go. This, of course, causes the car to go in the exact opposite direction of what I want...   

       Then again, maybe it's just that I think inside out, as I've been told by a few people. :)
codeman38, Jun 10 2004

       And actually, how about just having the switch tied to the reverse gear? Car drives normally in forward, and 'backward' in reverse. Seems logical enough.
codeman38, Jun 10 2004

       Ummmm... Most steering is manual and can't be changed by computer programming.
-----, Nov 03 2004

       //Huh? If I am driving forward and want to turn/go left, I turn the steering wheel left.//   

       No you don't. In most cars at least you turn the wheel anti-clockwise to turn the car to the left.
Loris, Nov 04 2004

       How on earth will it help one armed driving? You'd have to let go of the steering wheel to press the button anyway.
Belfry, Nov 04 2004


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