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Early Morning With Conan O'Brian

Beats waking up to monotonous car bomb horror (in the news that is)
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I live in Dubai now, so with the time differenct etc, shows in the America come on telly here in the morning. Conan is hilalrious. I love starting the day with a bit of comedy over breakkie.

I propose a Morning show with Conan, with different (pre-watershed) content.

shinobi, Oct 15 2006


       As true as that may be, you must remember, I am already sorted out with my morning comedy, and its full of tasteful adult humor. I'm merely suggesting this for you lot in the States.
shinobi, Oct 15 2006

       In the UK we used to have "The Big Breakfast", which wasn't Conan O'Brien but nevertheless was very different from your normal breakfast news. Unfortunately, it went down the tubes - failing to replace even the half decent presenters.
Jinbish, Oct 15 2006

       rcarty - Yes intentional. Come here on a secondment and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank. Pretty cool city too.
shinobi, Oct 17 2006


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