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Dancin' with Your Mom

Like "Dancing with the Stars, but with average Moms...
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That's it. Not much more to this one. The contestants would be chosen from middle-aged Moms with at least 2 kids and carrying a minimum of 20 extra pounds (weight, not money).
Aluicious, Nov 16 2006

Dancing With My Mom? http://www.youtube....watch?v=0VNx78SAq8M
For [skinflaps] [zen_tom, Nov 16 2006]

Mums http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother
[zen_tom, Nov 17 2006]


       What counts as 'extra'?
pertinax, Nov 16 2006

       Baked, I have danced with your mom.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 16 2006

       But my mom doesn't have any extra pounds, weight or money!   

       And what will we do for anorexic mothers? Oh, wait, they're on TV already.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 16 2006

       I hope I never miss an episode, it sounds like a truly inspired, spell-binding cornucopia of entertainment. I am rapt with anticipation.   

       Other shit TV shows might include:
I'm a Mom, Get Me out of Here
Big Momma
My Name is Mom
Who's Your Daddy? (they did that one already)
Celebrity Throw Momma From The Train
The Mom is Right
Pimp My Mom (as suggested here a number of times)
The Simple Life (widja Momma)
Moms Go Wild
Moms on the Summer Wine
Me and My Mom
The Mums of Navarone
The Hunchback of Notre Dames' Mum
Green Mom
Blue Mom
Red Mom
The Mom From U.N.C.L.E.
Battlestar Galactica (The Mom Years)
Chillin' With Your Momma
The Fresh Mom of Bel Air
Degrassi Junior High-School Mom
Everybody Loves Mummy
Trailer Park Moms
Miami Mom
Moms of Our Lives
Neighbours' Mums
Home and Away (from your Mum)
Wilma+Betty (an edited version of the Flintstones containing only footage of Wilma and Betty, both of whom are Moms)
The Real Mom
The 6 O'clock Mums (a remake of the early evening news, where all the actual news is replaced by footage of slightly overweight women of childbearing age, forced at gunpoint to wiggle about in their bras for the titillation of the viewers, while their children weep crystal tears of terror, shame and humiliation)
Will and Your Mum
Mum P.I.
Mum Q.C.
The M. Team
Robin Hood and his Merrie Mums
The Mom Ranger
CSI: Your Mum
Changing Mums
Mums, Mums, Mums
This is Your Mum!
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       Gotta love //Mumbo//
skinflaps, Nov 16 2006

       One hundred points to [zen_tom]! Particularly for "Mums of Navarrone."
Dr Mum (Or Mum Who)
Mum's Eye for the Straight Guy
8 Simple Rules for Dating my Mum
Mum Improvement
Deal or No Mum (bleak, that one)
Mum Borstal
Who Mums to be a Millionaire?
Robot Mums
Cirque de Mum
Grand Mums (Kevin McLeod standing inside your Mum, enthusing about the subtle interplay of landscape and gut lining)
calum, Nov 16 2006

       List alert!   

       Little House On The Momrairie
skinflaps, Nov 16 2006

       It's not so much a list as a pre-emptive strike against bandwaggonage.
Mummy McBeal
Takeshi's Mum
Only Mums and Horses
Father Mum
Open All Mums
Coronation Mum (one off story about a kid cooking and eating his mum, set in the 1970s)
Jossie's Mums
Mum Grove (or Byker Mum)
The Mum Tunnel
calum, Nov 16 2006

       Strictly Mum Dancing
The Mumsters
MumWatch (with Bill Oddie and Kate Humble)
High Mum
The Lonely Mum
The Ascent of Mum
Life on Mum
Mo Selecta
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       Only sickos watch 'Only Mums and Horses'.
theleopard, Nov 16 2006

       And clowns, funnily enough.
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       There's nothing funny about clowns.
theleopard, Nov 16 2006

       Top Mum
Scooby Mum
Wacky Mums
Stop the Mum!
Dastardly and Your Mum
Tom and Jerry's Mum
Mum and Stimpy
Deputy Mum
Pinky and His Mum
Powerpuff Mums
The Pink Mum
Teenage Mutant Ninja Mothers
Danger Mum
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       Every time I read the idea title I hear Billy Idol reverberating about my nog.   

       On the floor of Tokyo   

       Or down in London town to go, go With the record selection   

       With the mirror reflection   

       I'm dancing with my mom...
skinflaps, Nov 16 2006

       [zen_tom] ;)
skinflaps, Nov 16 2006

       Mumstairs Downstairs
The Mum and Rise of Reginald Perrin
The Mum Also Rises
Empire of the Mum
Mums on the Run
Two thousand and Mum: a Mum Oddesey ("Stop doing that Dave, or I'll send you to your room!")
calum, Nov 16 2006

       The Good Mum
The Young Mums
Young Mums
Young Mums 2
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Mum
The Three Mamas
The Seven Mums
Three Mums and a Baby
The Mummy
The Mummy Returns
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Mam
Jurrassic Mum
The Incredible X-Moms
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

jtp, Nov 16 2006

       Planet of The Moms.
skinflaps, Nov 16 2006

hidden truths, Nov 16 2006

       Raiders of the Mum
The Temple of Mum
The Mum Crusade
calum, Nov 16 2006

       If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.   

Spidermum II
I, Mum
The Mum Supremacy
The Mum Identity
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mum
The Passion of the Mum
Bridget Jones: The Mum of Reason
Hell Mum
jtp, Nov 16 2006

       Dr NoMum
From Mammy with Love
Mums only Live Twice
On Mommy's Secret Service
Mums are Forever
Mum and Let Mummy
The Man with the Golden Mum
The Mam who Loved Me
For Your Ma Only
A View to a Mum
The Living Mums
Licence to Mother
Yo'Mamma Never Dies
The World Is Not my Mum
Mum Another Day
Mommy at the Casino Royale
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       //Mumraker// Arf!   

       The Mumchurian Candidate
All The President's Mums
Mum Day Afternoon
Apocalypse Mum
Easy Mum (or Mum Rider)
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid's Mum
Arsenic and Old Mum
The Mummykillers
A Mother of Life and Death
Bill and Ted's Excellent Mum
OldMum (or MumBoy)
Spanking the Mummy (apposite)
Mumz n the Hood
Violent Mum (or Mum Cop)
Vengeance is Mum's!
calum, Nov 16 2006

       A Thousand Arfs! (still quite upset about Deal or No Mum, that Edmonds is a bastard)
The Big Mum (Geoff Bridges attempts to track down the lady who's child urinated on his rug)
Mumless In Seattle
Reservoir Mums
Mum Wars: A New Hope
Mum Wars: Mother Strikes Back ("Luke, I am your Mammy!")
Mum Wars: Return of the Mammy
The Little Mermum
Dirty Mum
Roadhouse Mum
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       On a Coen Bros tip:
Mum Simple
Raising Mum
Mother's Crossing
The Mumsucker Proxy
O Mother, Where Art Thou?
The Mum Who Wasn't There
Mum Fink (or Barton Mum)
and The Mummykillers (qv).
calum, Nov 16 2006

       This is a silly game.   

       Carry On Mum
Carry On Mum
Carry On Mum
Carry On Mum
Carry On Mumless
Carry On Mumming
Carry On Mummy
Carry On Ma
Carry On Mummying
Carry On Mom
Carry On Mumboy
Carry On Don't Lose your Mum
Carry On Follow that Mum
Carry On Mumtor
Carry On up the Mum
Carry On Mumping
Carry On Again Mum
Carry On up Mum Jungle
Carry On Lovimum
Carry On Mumry
Carry On at Mum's Convenience
Carry On Mumron
Carry On Amum
Carry On Mums
Carry On Joan
Carry On Mum's
Carry On Mumland
That's Carry Mum
Carry On EmMumuelle
Carry On CoMumbus

       Think that's the lot...
theleopard, Nov 16 2006

       Seven Chides for Seven Mothers
pigtails_and_ponies, Nov 16 2006

       I just cannot imagine dancing with my own mom.. that would be worse than dating my mom!
Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

       >< i think i just puked on the sofa...
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

       I think mums the word...
DesertFox, Nov 17 2006

       Steptoe and Mum   

       Honey I shrunk the mums
skinflaps, Nov 17 2006

       Honey, I blew up the Mums.
theleopard, Nov 17 2006

       Earth Mums Are Easy
Cutthroat Mother
Mum on the River Kwai
Kindergarten Mom
The Mum, the Mum, his Mum and her Mum
The Pillow Mum
Mum Runner
Stand By Mum
Can Mum Do It, 'Til I Need Glasses?
Faster Mum, Kill Kill!
Beyond the Valley of the Ultramums
Mums on a Plane
Lethal Mum 1, 2, 3 and 4
Mad Mum: Road Warrior
Requiem for a Mum
Dr Strangemum: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my mum
... and I'm spent.
calum, Nov 17 2006

       The 7th Mum of Sinbad
Sinbad and the Mum of the Tiger - aka
"Sinbad at the Mum's End"
The Golden Mum of Sinbad
Sadko - aka
"The Magic Mum of Sinbad"
Sinbad the Mum
Sinbad: Mum Damaged
Sinbad and Mums: All the Way Live... Mum!
Son of Mum
Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mums
The Adventures of Mumbad
Daitozoku - aka
"The Lost Mum of Sinbad"
Sinbad contro i sette saraceni - aka
"Sinbad Against the 7 Mums"
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Mums
Sinbad: Mum of the Seven Seas
Roc-a-Mum Sinbad
"The Funtastic Mums of Sinbad the Sailor"
"Sinbad Jr." (narrated by Sinbad's mother)

theleopard, Nov 17 2006


       Mumzilla, King of the Mumsters!   

       Mumzilla Raids Again   

       Gigantis, The Fire Mumster   

       King Mum vs Mumzilla   

       Mumzilla vs. The Mumthing   

       Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Mumster   

       Mothra vs. Mumzilla   

       Terror of Mechamumzilla   

       Destroy All Mumsters   

       Mumzilla vs. Giganmom   

       The Return of Mumzilla   

       Mumzilla vs. King Ghidorahmum   

       Mumzilla vs. Spacemumzilla   

       Mumzilla 2000: Millennimum   

       Giant Mumsters All-Out Attack
skinflaps, Nov 17 2006


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