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Early Riser Alarm Clock

An alarm clock for those who *usually* wake up in time, but not always
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I almost always wake up before my alarm goes off, so a button to say "Don't sound the alarm this morning" would be good. Note that this is different to a button to stop an already ringing alarm (although it could be the same physical button), and is also different to a button to disable the alarm permanently.

If I wake up at 7.20, I either have to turn the alarm off then, and remember to turn it on again before I go to sleep the next evening, or I can leave it on, then have it go off at 7.30 when I am in the shower or brushing my teeth or whatever, and can't get to it to shut it off. Instead, it would be so much nicer to just hit the "Not this morning, I'm already awake" button.

AlexV, Jul 19 2004


       Great idea.
goff, Jul 19 2004

       Sounds like a good idea, but I wish I had this problem. I'm more of the need-a-bed-that-throws-me-to-the-floor type.
Etymon, Jul 19 2004

       I have an alarm clock set just so I can roll over and turn it off (only to have another alarm clock wake me up ten minutes later).
phoenix, Jul 19 2004

       //a button to say "Don't sound the alarm this morning"//
I've owned a few alarm clocks that have only one switch -- on or off. But I like the automatic version better. +

Or make it light-activated, for people like myself who would be tempted to use a button for lethargious purposes.
Amos Kito, Jul 19 2004

       <homer simpson> "Oooh, 24-hour snooze!" Zzzzzzzz...
phundug, Jul 20 2004


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