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Multiple-Alarm Clock

For multiple purposes throughout the day
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In looking over various types of alarm clocks listed at the HalfBakery, this one seems to have been missed. Pieces of this Idea have been baked into various gadgets, but not, so far as I know, in the form described here.

OK, the Idea is an alarm clock that can be set for 10 or 20 or more times to go off, during the course of a day. The number of them that you actually USE depends on your needs, so if you always get up at the first buzzing in the morning, and there is nothing else, all day long, that you need to be reminded to do, then this clock is more than you need.

However, if you are one of those types who sometimes flails at the SNOOZE button and MISSES, then this clock is for you! You can devote half-a-dozen settings of this clock (example: 6:30am, 6:40am, 6:50am, 7:00am, 7:10am, and 7:15am) permanently/in-advance, so that in the morning you can wake up enough to stagger off to work.

YES, there should be an easy way to disable/enable a group of alarms like that, so you can sleep in over the week-end!

Then you can devote OTHER/ADDITIONAL alarm-settings on this clock to other times in the day for other purposes. Did you buy some exercise equipment that you need to use for 5 minutes three times a day? Devote some alarm-settings to remind you at 7:20am, 6:00pm and 9:00pm! Yes, you may have to add remote speakers, so that when you are in the living room and the clock goes off in the bedroom, you will be sure to hear it!

In general, any "good habit" that you are trying to start can be aided with daily reminders (even more-than-daily reminders!) such as this clock can provide.

Naturally, there will be occasions when you are not around when the alarm goes off. In this case, after buzzing for a minute or so, it shuts itself off automatically and sprouts a red flag or something (the remote speakers would do this too!). Eventually you will see it and know you missed some regular thing-to-do, but probably not too late.

Vernon, Dec 01 2004

(?) Banshee Screamer http://www.freedown...Screamer_Alarm.html
Not an actual clock, but it does have unlimited alarms. [waugsqueke, Dec 03 2004]


       There should exist small alarm clocks that have very sticky backs. These tiny devices would be just big enough to fit the circuitry (including a speaker). You set the alarm and then stick it to something, like an exercise bike.   

       These tiny stickers would double up as little disposable clocks that you could stick around your house in places that require clocks.   

       Warning – this does not replace the digital watch.
spiritualized, Dec 01 2004

       The Time Museum in Rockford used to have a rather elegant-looking clock which would chime the time every minute (e.g. 12:59 would be bedong bedong bong bong bading bading bading bing bing ding ding ding ding [bedong=5 hours; bong=1 hour; bading=15 minutes; bing=5 minutes; ding=1 minute]).   

       So that would get you 720 different alarms twice daily.
supercat, Dec 01 2004

       [+] just one clock, and I can set it for 7:00am for me, 8:15am for the wife.
sophocles, Dec 02 2004

       Find an *easy* way to set up the alarms (and I mean easy, not select-hour -then-jog-up-and-down -then-select-minutes -and-jog-up-and-down -then -select-which-alarm-number -and-jog-up-and-down), and I am your man (figuratively speaking).
Ling, Dec 02 2004

       I have a watch with five alarms and customizable dates
-----, Dec 02 2004

       Then all you need is some way to store names and addresses in it, and many low-end PDAs become instantly redundant!
ian_mackereth, Dec 02 2004

       I have an alarm clock with two alarm times. Can't see that it would be tricky to add a few more, though it'd be a bugger to set up.
lyserge, Dec 02 2004

       I'd hate to be your next-door neighbor.
phundug, Dec 02 2004

       I'm the proud owner of a clock with twentyfour alarms each day. -no, wait, that's fortyeight.
neelandan, Dec 03 2004

       Oh, and let's all give Vernon some positive recognition for getting his ideas out much more concisely.
sophocles, Dec 07 2004

       [neelandan]I'm the proud owner of a clock with twentyfour alarms each day. -no, wait, that's fortyeight.   

       Yeah, but don't 13 of them sound the same. If you doze off and sleep through some 'alarms', you might have to wait almost 90 minutes before you hear an alarm that will tell you what time it is (if you wake up after 12:00 but before 1:00, you wouldn't know whether the next chime you heard was 1:00 or whether it was half past some hour; the chime after that would have to be 1:00 or 1:30, but you wouldn't know which until you either heard the clock strike two or else heard it NOT strike two at the next half hour.)
supercat, Dec 07 2004

       I don't know about anyone else, but that would be perfect for my grandmother and her prescription addiction.
wundrtek, May 03 2007


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