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Easy home emergency lighting

shower idea
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The following is a practical idea which does not contain irony or jest. Sorry. Problem is I know my power is going to go out. Here in the colonies it's 79 degrees (freedom units) and its 8:30 pm. The AC's are going to overload the grid. Emergency lighting would be prudent. My solution; screw in LED bulbs with a built in battery cell. The bulb would keep the cell charged whenever lit maintaining a healthy float charge. Connected to the neutral wire is a RF microcontroller. I'm going to assume you all remember x10 home automation and how that all worked. This bulb uses RF over home wiring to transmit the signal to activate the emergency lighting. Only 1 or 2 of the LED's would need to activated and not even full power. Just enough to see in emergency situations. The signal is generated by a transmitter plugged into any outlet in the house that is un-switched. When you lose power the transmitter sends out the signal and all of your emergency bulbs activate. Could be 1 or 100's of bulbs.
evilpenguin, May 27 2020

Shower idea https://www.lightin...d_Shower_Light.html
[whatrock, May 27 2020]


       Curious [kdf], the bulb will somehow know the electrical difference between being shut off at the switch and being shut off at the distribution station? In either case nothing is coming down the hot wire...?
whatrock, May 27 2020

       Here in the southern hemisphere it's winter now, but late last summer I had a battery installed to work with my solar panels. Result - on a hot day/night, the battery supplies the house until after 10:00 pm, so that (a) we're no longer contributing to the load on the grid until things have cooled down and (b) if the grid needs to take a moment, we can afford to be a bit more relaxed about it. (Actually, we don't yet have it configured to support the "work-in-isolation" mode, but, based on current plans from the utilities, our grid is likely to be stable until 2023, by which time I will have that configuration added).
pertinax, May 27 2020

       That carbon lattice extending sockets, doesn't seem so far off.
wjt, May 27 2020

       kfd - Thanks. Its been awhile since if contributed and I forgot the google first rule
evilpenguin, May 27 2020


       Shower idea?   

       // Shower idea? //   


       But when not in the shower the original idea would certainly beat a flashlight.
whatrock, May 27 2020


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