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Ear muff mirror

Ear muffs with integrated rearview mirror
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Wearing ear muffs and working with power tools, you can't hear werewolf tiger monkeys sneaking up on you. These earmuffs have a little rearview mirror so you can catch a glimpse of them before they shove you into the table saw.
nomocrow, Apr 29 2015

Ah, yes...If only Goldilocks had these about 15% of the way down the page... Edit_20your_20annot..._20coherent_20story
[normzone, Apr 28 2016]


       Ear muffs for werewolf tiger monkeys ? ( So they can't hear the saw whine. )
popbottle, Apr 29 2015

       For Pete's sake don't let the workers compensation board find out about these or they'll be mandatory in a heartbe... I shouldn't have said that.
I should not have said that.

       If you need ear muffs with your power tools, you'll also need a helmet. And attaching mirrors to helmets is utterly baked (for cyclists at least). Also, as a longtime user of earphones with and without cable connectors I know that sooner or later the power cable will get entangled with the mirror attachment, ripping off the ear muffs so that you can better hear yourself screaming when the power drill hits your toe. Always wear protective boots.
Toto Anders, Apr 28 2016

       Add a GoPro head strap for stability and connect a phone that sometimes acts as a mirror and sometimes as a magnifier.
JesusHChrist, Apr 28 2016


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