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Eat With The Ancients

A new restaurant franchise.
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Eat With The Ancients is a fantastic new franchise restaurant that comes in a variety of themes, from Egypitian to Aztec to Roman.

The restaurant serves "authentic" recipes, with a little artistic liscence. Each restaurant is kitted out according to which time/civilization it is replicating. The Egyptian has walls painted with Pharohs and gods, Roman has mosaics, Myan has those weird glyphs. The waiters wear authentic clothing from the time, and the menus have a pronunciation chart so you can get yourcake and eat in Aramaic, Ancient Chinese, and even Aborignal, yes Aboriginal.

Eat With The Ancients will bring a new and exciting meanign to the phrase 'Grubs Up!'

[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

Oh ye of little faith, DrC-ly http://www.mit.edu:.../Ancient_Roman.html
Ancient Roman Recipes [[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002]

Well, Aboriginal is Baked http://www.flaminbu...au/restaurants.html
[DrCurry, Aug 01 2002]

Another one for PS/DC http://members.lyco.../Farao/recipes.html
Ancient Egyptian Recipes [[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002]

Medieval Times http://www.medievaltimes.com/
'Join us in the 11th century'. [phoenix, Aug 01 2002]

Take a thousand eggs or more http://www.thousandeggs.com/ttem.html
Medieval cookbook [madradish, Aug 02 2002]

Luxor Las Vegas Resort Hotel and Casino http://www.luxor.co...ng/index-flash.php3
Online Flash Menu... Dining > The Nile Scroll: Pharoah's Pheast Buffet... [thumbwax, Aug 02 2002]


       If the franchise was run by a hired management team instead of the owner, would it be a pyramid scheme?
RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2002

       Yes. I'll take the eat with the Neanderthals venue. No silverware needed. Always wondered what Wooly Mammoth would taste like. Croissant!
dag, Aug 01 2002

       Sshh, you're not supposed to know about the pyramid scheme.
[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

       The Excalibur Hotel in Vegas has the Medieval dinner show with a half chicken--veggies--mead--vino. All brought to your "bench" style table and NO silverware.
rmtmaine, Aug 01 2002

       TOGA PARTY!!
DrCurry, Aug 01 2002

       //Aborigines are not Ancients//   

       Yes, but they aren't "westernised", and i'm taking artistic liscence. Essentailly, allwesternised countries serve food that isn't exotic or exciting. Aboriginal food would be a change to the ordinary western diet.
[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

       Um. I dine on Thai, Indian, Chinese and a host of other modern but decidedly non-westernized and certainly exotic and exciting cuisines most nights of the week.   

       But if you can find the recipes, I for one will dine at your restaurants.
DrCurry, Aug 01 2002

       Maybe i've just been desensitised to 'modern' foods. But i don't really see Indian food as being exotic.   

       Yeah, maybe we do eat the same food as the romans, but tis the whole experience as well. you get something similar to what you would eat outside of Eat With The Ancients, but you also get the experience of dining next to a vomitoriam, with all you can eat buffet style food.   

       You really are pushing the pizza, aren't you?
[ sctld ], Aug 01 2002

       with the proviso, that at no point are we sacrificed to appease any gods or shoved off a moutainside then OK croissant.
po, Aug 01 2002

       Great idea, [scuttled]. Can I call you that? I doubt I can. And, for those less adventurous souls, you could have Victorian-era dining. _I'd_ try it.
watermelancholy, Aug 01 2002

       Ftr, I went to a Victorian dinner last year; surprisingly like what they used to serve in school. The clothes were fun, though.
DrCurry, Aug 01 2002

       //Myan has those weird glyphs//\   

       yeah, but they also have gibnuts, brocket deer, iguana, agouti, peccary, kaahnk, plantain....ummm...I must go eat lunch....
Susen, Aug 01 2002

       I go to medieval feasts from time to time... they're lots of fun. I think this idea is good as long as you don't allow too much "artistic licence". Those outback restaurants for example sound just awful. I know of a medieval cookbook entitled "take a thousand eggs or more", maybe this could be one source to consider.
madradish, Aug 02 2002

       "who said - whats new?"
po, Aug 02 2002

       Do we have to hunt and kill (or harvest and clean, for the vegans) our own meals? I'm a little rusty with the bow and arrow and my boomerang won't come back. I just call it a stick.   

       A local native band around here used to run a restaurant where the daily special was a traditional meal prepared as their ancestors would have done centuries ago (dishes like bannocks, smoked salmon, wild goat, dried berries, and the like). I think it was closed due to health inspection violations.
Canuck, Aug 02 2002

       didnt the Aztecs eat people, or was that the Incas, if u want a to eat aboriginal you can go get a road kill kangaroo and chuck it on the fire, wash that down with some yam juice and witchety grubs for dessert, those hunny pot ants look pretty good though.
Gulherme, Aug 02 2002

       "Eat With The Ancients" Like being fed at the old people's home and hearing, "In my day we had cold oatmeal for breakfast and any leftovers were fried for supper, and we carved our own spoons...
FarmerJohn, Aug 02 2002

       plankton yes? or is that too ancient?
notripe, Aug 02 2002


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