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Palaeontological restaurant

Recapitulate geological time with the meals of the day
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A restaurant offering menus with appropriate ingredients for the Palaeozoic for breakfast, Mesozoic for lunch and Cenozoic for the evening meal.

Breakfast consists entirely of seafood, from a choice including seaweed, brachiopods, skate and rock salmon. All you can drink is water, though it can be salted if you like.

Lunch is Mesozoic, so you can have everything you had for breakfast plus turtle, crocodile, eggs, pine nuts, sago and a wider variety of molluscs such as oysters and winkles. Drinks are the same as breakfast.

Finally, in the evening you can eat a normal meal with grains, fruit, other vegetables from flowering plants, mammal meat, dairy and so forth. Drinks are normal too.

Clearly it's not generally feasible to eat the exact life form which was alive at the time and there's an endangered species problem in some cases.

There's also a late evening specialty dish consisting of strata of the appropriate ingredients, which obviously i can't post here.
nineteenthly, Oct 01 2009

Paleo diet http://en.wikipedia...ki/Paleolithic_diet
[wagster, Oct 02 2009]


       I'd like a chocolate layer cake with dinosaur-shaped candies in one layer, and similarly-themed other layers...
sninctown, Oct 01 2009

       At worst religion is simply a tool for limiting thought and behavior. This is a neat idea, why let religion limit that neatness?
WcW, Oct 02 2009

       There is a small movement towards the paleo diet (link), based on the assumption that our guts haven't changed much since the paleolithic era when they were adapted to digesting whatever we could find to eat. The theory is basically that our digestive systems should be best suited to eating small quantities of fruit and meat and very little cereal crop. Of course there's very little evidence that stone-age peeps were any healthier than us, and quite an amount to the contrary.   

       As to the idea itself - I'd certainly eat there.
wagster, Oct 02 2009

       Well, the problems there would be working out what was on land at the time. I don't know whether liverworts are edible, for example. Then there's the question of millipedes.

Concerning alcohol, the issue is when yeast evolved, and i have no idea when that would be.

[Wagster], yes, i'd come across that before. Works well with the Cenozoic. Earlier periods emphasise the contingency of our ecological niche because it becomes a bit of a puzzle.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2009

       ...mis-read the title as "Pathological Restaurant" (the dining experience where you scrub up, don hospital gowns and dissect, and eat, food which has been carefully and expertly prepared and arranged to resemble human corpses).
hippo, Oct 02 2009

       Mis-read as... oh what the hell - I'll post it.
wagster, Oct 02 2009

       Do you get a huge asteroid impacting just about teatime, resulting in a complete change in the menu ?   

       "Ammonite's off".
8th of 7, Oct 02 2009

       I like. Rock cakes at that point, maybe. However, you would then have to remove most of the oxygen from the atmosphere before lunch.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2009

       "Primaeval soup, sir?"
hippo, Oct 02 2009

       Would lava cake be available?
vfrackis, Oct 02 2009

       "Ze breakfast special today is ze Primordial oeufs monsieur."   

       Ah yes - that's what I meant
hippo, Oct 02 2009

       Primordial soup is a must! :)
paix120, Oct 02 2009

       [cough] so I was responsible for this?
po, Oct 02 2009

       Yes, but i can't remember how, and [wagster] span off an idea from this too.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2009

       // Primordial soup //   

       "Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my Primordial Soup !"   

       "Ah, that must be the Creationist Croutons, Sir."
8th of 7, Oct 02 2009

       Thanks, yes. Who ordered the Spaghetti Carboniferous ? Don't have the squid, it tastes lie Pleistocene.......   

       Is there any filter coffee ? Eh ? No, Jurassic Perk-ed will be fine .....
8th of 7, Oct 02 2009

       // Dodo to go go //   

       "Special offer - limited quantities......."
8th of 7, Oct 02 2009

       Don't forget to try the Early Bird Lava Special.
DrWorm, Oct 03 2009

       //I'm not sure serving alcohol for breakfast is a good idea.//   

       How could anyone doubt that serving alcohol for breakfast would be a good idea? If it were socially acceptable, I'd have alcohol as a part of every balanced breakfast.   

       Regarding the original idea, I think it might be more fun to make the progression happen during days of the week, rather than during times of each day. Maybe even progress through each month. That way, depending on when you go, the day's menu will depend on how far along you are in the week/month and you can dine during whatever part of the day you wish.
XSarenkaX, Oct 10 2009


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