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Flatware Prophylactic

Keep your fork clean.
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A thin covering membrane that slides over flatware to keep your flatware clean. Disposible. Probably quieter and less risk of funny chemical reactions with your tooth fillings. Primary benefit however is that you can just throw them away and save a lot of dishwashing.
Ccapeland, Oct 21 2005


       will my peas stay on my knife?
po, Oct 22 2005

       The sheer thought of a spoon condom makes this an excellent idea.
HypnoLobster, Oct 23 2005

       Might also help with people who stick forks in wall sockets.
ecnamal, Oct 23 2005

       Or just eat with your fingers.
rubyminky, Oct 23 2005

       Weird! You got no Teeth?
The Kat, Oct 23 2005

       I'd have to think that putting condoms on all my silverware would take longer than washing a few knives and forks after a meal. Bad idea.
lucien, Oct 24 2005

       Ah yes. Prophylactics for my flatware. I must get some of those. I've been wondering where these tiny spoons and forks have been coming from...
Cedar Park, Oct 24 2005

       You could always spray them with something which could later be peeled off.
nineteenthly, Oct 24 2005

       Or, just buy plastic flatware and toss it after it's used.
whlanteigne, Jan 12 2013

       I love this idea, it will help with our under-burdened landfills. Maybe we could roll them off, into the ocean. At least then when fish get plastic stuck in their gills they also get a little desert flavor for their troubles.
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013


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