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Let it grow, let it grow...
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Are you one of those who leaves dirty dishes in the sink for days, maybe with a little water to keep them company? Astounded at the horrible things you find growing on them? Do you wish you could make those horrible things work for you?

Now you can! Using as models the concepts of septic tank and compost heap, BUNGCO has developed a set of organisms which readily grow under sink conditions and will enzymatically scour your dirty dishes and devour your old food. No longer do you need to settle for whatever spores happen to waft through your window. Each envelope of EcoSink contains starter material for nine species of bacteria, two fungi and a dictostellium slime mold. Together, these creatures will move onto any soiled kitchenware you place in the sink and go to work. Within four days, your dish will be clean, and the critters of EcoSink are designed to rinse away without residue. Best of all, Ecosink is self sustaining. A single colony can last months, and might even need to be pruned back if especially vigorous. If your mom is visiting and you must dispose of your colony, or you accidentally kill it with your cooking, a new colony is only an envelope of spores away!

bungston, Dec 27 2003

DishTank http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/DishTank
This idea comes close. But fish always die. Especially on a diet of taco grease. [bungston, Oct 04 2004]


       Add them to your food to give them a head start and to also clean your feces.
FarmerJohn, Dec 27 2003

       A bun for you, sir! [+] ... May I inquire as how to become part of BUNGCO?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       // May I inquire as how to become part of BUNGCO? //   

       Just sign the parchment in your own blood, where indicated..... dont' worry about your immortal soul, you'll never miss it.
8th of 7, Dec 27 2003

       //dont' worry about your immortal soul, you'll never miss it.//   

       I sold that damn thing years ago. I forget what for, though ... Is there something else I can provide as colateral?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       Like rats, but smaller?   

       Seriously, does this incorporate some kind of odor-digesting bacteria?
kropotkin, Dec 27 2003

       I've heard that putting used dishes, etc. in the freezer allows several days grace period to overlook clean-up without mess and odor... but one still has to get around to the cleaning up part. SO it's a go for me! Say, will you be looking for distributors or franchising?   

       Could this 'scouring' take place in a closed or hidden container under the sink instead of in it? (Or does it require light and circulating air?)
no12pass, Dec 27 2003

       ...Excerpted from Ecosink FAQ package insert   

       1. Q: I accidentally ate part of my ecosink colony. Is that OK? A: We recommend against eating any food that has been in your sink for more than a few days. But for most people, the Ecosink colony itself is perfectly safe to eat! BUNGCO is not responsible for adverse avents should you fail to brush your teeth within 1 hour of eating from your Ecosink colony.   

       2. Q: My girlfriend claims that the Ecosink is making her sneeze, and I should get rid of it. Could it be true? A: It could. Some people experience mild allergies to the fungal component of Ecosink. We recommend you try Ecosink Free, the no-fungus formulation. E-Free contains green algae instead of fungus, which sensitive individuals find more tolerable. You must refresh your E-Free after it comes into bloom.   

       3. Q: I love my Ecosink, but must hide it when company comes over. Will it still function in a closed place? A: It will work even better! BUNGCO has found that a dishpan covered with plastic wrap actually provides the best Ecosink habitat. BUNCO is not responsible for adverse events should you decide to run your Ecosink in the bathroom.   

       4. Q. I think some of my Ecosink has made it thru the disposal and is living in the sewer. Am I still responsible for it, or has it become Nature? A. Take civic pride in helping your town process its waste. We have found that a generous sprinkle of rock salt around basement drains and storm sewers will help discourage rogue Ecosink components from moving out.
bungston, Dec 28 2003

       5. Q: I love my EcoSink, but its starting to scale the walls. Is there anything that can be done to ensure the future usability of my EcoSink and controll the outbreak?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 28 2003

       6. Q: My EcoSink has evolved and has eaten my tupperware, plastic piping and the soles of my shoes. Should I call a) my tupperware rep b) plumber c) cobbler d) a SWAT team?
FarmerJohn, Dec 28 2003

       Mr Fort - We are sorry you have had a problem with Ecosink. It is uncommon for an Ecosink colony to scale the walls, but usually this happens only with walls that are already very scaly. Many owners are very pleased to have the added benefit of wall scaling.   

       Mr John - We are sorry you have had a problem with Ecosink. We are, however, very interested in the new traits which your Ecosink has evolved. Please enclose sink, tupperware, piping and shoes in the preposted ceramic drum we have provided and return it to BUNGCO. In consideration of your time (and shoes, and tupperware) please accept this gift of a lifetime supply of Ecosink, as well as this fashionable BUNGCO baseball cap.
bungston, Dec 28 2003


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