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Dishwashing glovebox

Wash dishes in hot, sudsy water; stay dry and unscalded
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I am a splasher.

I try not to, but whenever I wash the dishes in the small sink in my small kitchen, I make a splash zone to rival Shamu.* It was even worse when I lived in a 22-ft Airstream -- it's easy to splash your whole lifestyle when all you want is to wash a few dishes.

What I want: a clear, shallow dome cover for the sink, with several holes or ports sized for the easy entry of arms. (Not just two, because people's body geometry varies; besides which, aliens!) The holes not being used can be stopped with pre-fitted circular covers.

Optionally, the ports that *are* being used can be fitted with level-9 CDC TMI Chernobyl Lo-the-end-is- nigh style dishwashing gloves. Otherwise, the user decides on his own. Naked and lathered up? Or sheathed in scented latex?

Besides reducing the splashing, this might slightly extend the usably-hot time for the water, conserving resources. Hot water washes much nicer than cold.

In the most baroque version, there would be a wide-mouthed, multi-level sieve located with its opening well above the intended waterline, so food particles can be trapped better than they are by the round-slotted stopper in typical sinks. Just scrape the particles over the sieve, which can later be itself scraped into the garbage or compost.

* (A killer whale at the amusement park Sea World)

yhtomit, Feb 14 2006


       I thought this was going to be a car accessory for OCD neat freaks.   

       It certainly sounds like a good idea, but how many people actually wash dishes by hand any more? And can they afford something more than a rubber bowl?
DrCurry, Feb 14 2006

       Re "more than a rubber bowl" ... I grant that dishwashers are common nowadays, but here in grad-student housing, not available :) Also, when it's just a few dishes, I'd rather wash them quickly by hand and be done. A large (or even medium) household would do things differently, I know.   

yhtomit, Feb 15 2006

       How do you get dishes out of the sink that are bigger than the holes? Does the dome cover the draining board as well?
spinglespangle, Feb 15 2006

       I had visions of filling the glove compartment of my car with old mugs and suddy water.
wagster, Feb 15 2006


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