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Economic Equality

Adjusted Gross Income Consumer Equality; all purchases with credit card with prices set by your AGI tax income.
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Remember those sarcastic jokes by single women as in, "Oh good, I'm paid 75 cents on the dollar compared to an equivalent male. Thank Heavens, my rent, food and groceries are all similarly discounted. Am I right, girls?"

Well, so that income equality is addressed in this, the most just of all countries on Earth, all purchases must be made with a personalized, government-regulated debit card. The agency best able to enforce and administer this would be the IRS. All currency would be abolished and any other medium of exchange for goods and services would be outlawed (think of the possibilities for value added taxation!).

In each person's account, call it the IEEPP (Income Equality Equal Pricing Program)the price set by the seller would be subject to a multiplier (keep in mind that one can multiply by less than one to grant a discount below market). If your income was so many times over the average income, then so too would be the price you'd pay for anything.

Naturally, sellers can not be permitted to profit from this windfall so of course the payment amounts over unity would be paid into the coffers of the IRS to subsidize those whose incomes are less than average and any surplus to "the general welfare".

Of course, many escape considerable income taxation by being in control of when and if they receive income or other loopholes. In that case, the multiplier of a particular person's IEEPP account would be set by an Alternative Minimum Equalizer Rate or AMER based upon the wealth that the person controls or owns.

Now some anti-social elements may wish to depart the United States for territory not operating under the IEEPP/AMER. A system of foreign treaties applying the IEEPP to any American Citizen's expenditure in a foreign country would prevent such scofflawry. Those attempting to renounce their citizenship would be subject to an "exit tax" largely confiscating their wealth.

Inequality problem solved as well as recovering revenue heretofore lost to the underground economy.

daddyvortex, Jun 28 2015

thank you very much https://www.youtube...watch?v=Jo41y-kZ9WY
thank you very much [popbottle, Jun 28 2015]


       There, gratuitous paragraph breaks inserted for the comfort of the gracious readers.
daddyvortex, Jun 28 2015

       And correct punctuation and capitalisation.   

       What if some people don't want their income equalised? Me, for instance?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2015

       We are?? Steps will have to be taken.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2015

       It is a profound and slightly frightening mystery to me how one can go over the border to, say, Eastern Europe, and the price of most goods suddenly plummets. I'm not convinced that these countries are masters of self-sufficiency and/or bartering with other poor countries, so who's giving them massive discounts?
4and20, Jun 29 2015

       Oh...the idea. As fiat currency spiralled out of control in post-revolutionary France, the interim government(s) made it illegal to raise prices in certain types of stores. Shopkeepers were apparently executed for raising prices at all. The French shopkeepers continued to do it anyway.
4and20, Jun 29 2015

       So... communism plus a vestigial numerical rating system ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 29 2015


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