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Frugal Representative Rebate

Tax Revenue unspent by Representative Rebated
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Representatives in Congress have incentive to spend (pork for their district) but not much to be frugal. If the voters of his district would benifit from his frugality, there might be more of it.

1. A representative would have sole discression on the spending of tax revenue for his district. For spending bills instead of a simple yes or no vote, he would put how much, if any, he wanted to fund that project.

2. Unspent tax revenue would be rebated to the taxpayers at the end of the fiscal year. (Proportional to what they paid perhaps?)

3. A bill to force a 'contribution' from each district would require a 3/4 majority to pass, and would take the same percentage from each district.

SimpleTom, Dec 17 2006


       The "pork" benefits mainly those who contribute to the power of the representative. But taxes, and tax rebates, affect all voters equally. That's why this doesn't work - if "my" pork candidate wins, she'll get me more money than the tax rebates would have gotten me.
jutta, Dec 17 2006


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