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Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage Stair Carpet

Stair carpet for those who can't get to Ireland to experience the "real thing"
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Every year in Ireland thousands of Catholics make a pilgrimage to the mountain known as Croagh Patrick. I won't go into details here. You can read more in the links if you are curious.

The journey up the mountain is very demanding and is carried out in all weathers. It involves ascending a long, steep slope of sharp scree stones. The climb is gruelling, but in true Catholic tradition, the dedicated believer will complete the punishing journey in their bare feet, or even on their hands and knees.

There are many Catholics throughout the world who would like to experience the benefits of this journey, but for various reasons can never make it to Ireland. It is for these folk that I have devised The Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage Stair Carpet.

Available to fit on any stair case, the carpet consists of a stout hessian backing unto which are firmly glued a continuous covering of genuine Croagh Patrick stones. Though the stones are small, to save weight and bulk, they have been specially selected to be particularly sharp and mortifying on the naked feet and knees of the domestic pilgrim.

After use it can be rolled up and stored under the bed.

Extra replacement stones can be requested when the sharp edges on the existing ones wear smooth.

Carpets available in Office Block lengths as a special order.

xenzag, Aug 04 2007

Croagh Patrick http://www.todaysca...h-patrick-climb.jpg
something to look forward to each year [xenzag, Aug 04 2007]

Croagh Patrick http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Croagh_Patrick
It's just as well St Patrick never discovered Everest. [xenzag, Aug 04 2007]

Croaking Near the top http://ahoy.tk-jk.n...ickStoneyGround.jpg
why can't we have nice round pebbles ? [xenzag, Aug 04 2007]


       + nice, though I'd like to try the real thing.
xandram, Aug 05 2007


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